<!– –> <!– –> Why Wear a Wig… Being in this business of course there are many people that talk to me about wigs and hair pieces. People are always surprised to hear that 70% of our clientele are wearing wigs for fashion reasons. Everyone assumes that those that wear wigs are for medical reasons… Continue reading WHY WEAR A WIG….

Why a Wig Boutique

<!– –> <!– –> Why a Wig Boutique You may be thinking why would I purchase your wigs when I can buy them online? So lets talk about why anwig and not the internet. At anwig we have high quality pieces that we hand select according to style, fashion, color and construction. We are proud of our… Continue reading Why a Wig Boutique

Practical & Sensible

<!– –> <!– –> Practical & Sensible In today’s world we are all starving for time. More time to spend with the kids, grandkids, family, friends, home and if your lucky alone. Time is the most precious gift you can give to someone it has no value and can never be returned. 70% of our… Continue reading Practical & Sensible

Online vs Boutique

<!– –> <!– –> Online vs Boutique Whats the difference you ask? Why should I come into the boutique? At anwig, you receive personalized attention from our professional and caring staff. We greet you at the door, offer you a tour and a detailed explanation in regards to wigs and their construction. We believe that purchasing… Continue reading Online vs Boutique

Why Us?

<!– –> <!– –> Why Us? anwig inspires you to live beautifully. We are a full service boutique style environment that offers everything you need on your journey. Whether your in to see us for hair loss reasons or looking for a new fashionable look. We have the professionalism, training and credentials to ensure that you are… Continue reading Why Us?

Hair Care Tips for Face Shapes | Hair Prosthesis Center

<!– –> <!– –> Face Shape Maybe you’re ready for a new look or style? Let’s review the different face shapes and recommendations that come with them. These are just guidelines from the fashion industry. HEART SHAPE A heart shaped face is wider at the brow and narrow at the chin resembling a heart, typically… Continue reading Hair Care Tips for Face Shapes | Hair Prosthesis Center

Using the Right Hair Care Products | Hair Prosthesis Centre

<!– –> <!– –> HAIR CARE Love your hair and it will love you back. Caring for your wig is of the utmost importance to keeping her looking beautiful. MOISTURIZE It is critical that you condition your piece daily with a leave in conditioner. Natural hair is kept hydrated with oils from the scalp this… Continue reading Using the Right Hair Care Products | Hair Prosthesis Centre