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When it comes to wigs you need to work with the shape of your face, not against it. Getting the right wig can bring out the best features in your face. And if your face happens to be round there are plenty of styles that might be right for you. Round faces typically have soft features such as wide hairlines and fuller cheeks. To counter the fullness go with a wig that elongates.

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Long Wigs for Round Faces

For women with round faces, a long wig is a great option. The length can balance out the width of a round face. Curls can add more width but when properly selected it can add a lot of height. Along with long hair try to find a wig that provides volume at the top of your head. The height will help.

A great looking wig for length is Amanda by Jon Renau. The layers start to past the chin leaving texture and volume on the ends. The double monofilament top gives the ability to part the hair in any direction desired. This can help the face seem longer using adorable Bardot bangs, or another option for this wig is a deeper side part for a side-swept bang.

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Bobs and Lobs for Round Faces

Bobs and lobs can be tricky to master with a round face. For best results choose a length that ends below the chin.

Our wig Soft and Subtle by Gabor has soft tousled waves that are the definition of chic.

Short Wigs for Round Faces

But if you prefer short, make sure you go with height not width.

Sleekness is your friend and a good wig that has the flexibility to pull this off is the Allure by John Renau Whether combed back and sleek or just wearing the original style is perfect for the job.

If you’ve got a round face you’re going to find that these styles will change and upgrade your look!



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