5 Types Of Foods That Cause Hair Loss You Should Avoid

5 Types Of Foods That Cause Hair Loss You Should Avoid




Hair fall is normal along with hair growth. If you see more and more hair fall for a long time, you may get a big problem. People often think that hair loss is the consequence of overconsumption of hairstyling tools, being stressed or applying wrong hair care products. However, many people are suffering from hair loss because they eat unhealthy foods in daily life. That is the reason why today we will mention some foods that cause hair loss regularly. After that, you should reduce them in your daily meals to have an improvement in your hair condition.

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Fast Food          

Among foods that cause hair loss, we have to mention fast food. We cannot deny the convenience of fast food. We can find fast food easily at a reasonable price. Moreover, fast food is tasty, so many people like it, especially the children. However, you should reduce fast food because of its negative effects on both physical and mental health.

Many studies show the relationship between fast food and a higher risk of health problems such as depression, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, etc. Moreover, if you consume fast food for a long time, you will see your hair lose more and more. Although fast food makes you feel full, it does not contain essential nutrients for your hair development. Fast food contains a lot of carbohydrates and fats while healthy hair requires a large number of vitamins and minerals.

5 Types Of Foods That Cause Hair Loss You Should Avoid
fast food vs greasy food

Greasy Foods

Like fast food, you should eliminate greasy foods on your daily diet. They increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, etc. According to many studies, monounsaturated and saturated fat in fried food lead to higher testosterone levels, resulting in higher DHT level also. Too much DHT makes hair follicles smaller, then your new hair is thinner and easy to fall out.

In addition, hydrogenated oils in greasy foods prevent hair growth because hair follicles do not receive enough nutrients to promote new hair. Besides, greasy foods can be the reason for the greasy scalp. Then, blood circulation will be restricted, and nutrients cannot go to the hair follicles.

To avoid it, you can use hair care products for oily scalp. However, you still should reduce intake of greasy foods to improve not only your hair condition but also your general health.

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Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks are convenient to take away and make us feel relaxed, so many people choose them instead of other kinds of drinks.

We all know that besides acid-forming, carbonated drinks are rich in sugar. A large amount of sugar in the body can cause physical health problems such as diabetes which leads to hair loss quickly. The reason is that blood sugar levels become higher which damages and blood vessels. At that time, blood circulation cannot work effectively, which means that hair follicles cannot get enough oxygen and nutrients they need.

This situation affects the normal hair cycle, then the hair will fall out more and faster. Moreover, fluctuation in blood sugar levels leads to anxiety, even depression which can make hair weaker and easy to fall out.

5 Types Of Foods That Cause Hair Loss You Should Avoid
Drinking too many carbonated drinks might cause hair loss

Instead of taking carbonated drinks to avoid being thirsty, you can drink water, fruit juices or vegetable juices. These kinds of drinks provide you with a lot of vitamins and minerals – essential nutrients for a healthy body, including healthy new hair.

Sugar-free Foods

Excess sugar on your body is harmful, so people tend to consume sugar-free foods. Are they good or bad? Unfortunately, the answer is that they are very bad for your health.

These products have aspartame which is an artificial sweetener to replace sugar. This ingredient is as harmful as sugar (when you take a lot). The Food and Drug Administration shows that aspartame is linked to hair loss and other health problems such as bloating, depression, etc. Furthermore, consuming a large amount of chemically-sweetened foods makes our brain want to eat more sugary foods.

5 Types Of Foods That Cause Hair Loss You Should Avoid
sugar-free food


Drinking alcohol regularly can be the cause of hair loss. Alcohol can dehydrate you because it makes your body remove more liquid through urination. Because of dehydration, hair becomes dry, dull, and easy to break. You can also see more split ends. Unhealthy hair can fall out soon.

Moreover, overdrinking alcohol makes you feel full (like fast food), but actually, you lack nutrients. In addition, drinking too much alcohol has negative effects on your digestive system, so your body, including your hair follicles cannot absorb nutrients effectively.

Therefore, being addicted to alcohol is a simple way to get health problems. Alcohol can also harm your mental health by lowering your sleep quality causing stress, and then hair loss will appear regularly.

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Foods That Cause Hair Loss – Change Your Diet

To have strong hair, you should take more foods rich in:

– Protein: nuts, seeds, meat, fish, etc.

– Biotin: egg yolk, sweet potato, etc.

– Minerals, especially iron and zinc: vegetables, whole grains, oats, etc.

– Vitamins: vegetables and fruits which are also antioxidants

– Essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6: fish, seeds, nuts, eggs, etc.

5 Types Of Foods That Cause Hair Loss You Should Avoid
you should take in foods that are rich in protein, biotin, and vitamin

Focusing on nutrients in the daily diet is good, but it is not enough to have beautiful hair. To prevent hair loss, you also should start doing healthy habits such as: avoid excess use of hair styling tools, quit smoking, use suitable hair care products for hair type as well as control stress. A fact that maybe many people do not know is that environmental factors such as UV rays or smoke from vehicles can damage hair. The more hair damages you have, the more hair you lose. As a result, try to protect your hair from these factors by wearing a hat or taking an umbrella. Some medication for health diseases can also lead to hair loss, so ask the doctor carefully before using.

In conclusion, having healthy hair always boosts our self-confidence. Therefore, if you are suffering hair loss caused by an unhealthy diet, we hope that the information about foods that cause hair loss can help you get rid of this problem quickly. For more hair care topics, please visit our Anwig website. You can send us any questions or comments about this article. We are very glad to hear them. 

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