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We are talking about how to start a hair business recently, I’m sure you have got some experience of getting customers and orders, now we start to build your customer loyalty program.
According to a study, there is about seven times cost to get a new customer than keep long-term relationship with a current one. A good way to build a relationship with your customers is a gift card. Dates show there are more than 60% of customers they want to buy again from the seals that send gifts card to them. When you send the right thing that your customer like, they will order from you all the time. So you can see gift cards have become more than ever right now, an essential for hair business to offer. It’s a low-cost, or no-cost way for businesses to bump, seals, increase brand awareness, and encourage repeat business.
Does setting it seems complicated to set it up through? Well, we are here to help you! The following shows 5 ways to use gifts card to build customer loyalty.
1. Birthday Gift CardsA good starting point is sending a happy birthday card to customers on their birthday. Customers will feel like you care about them. Of course the budget is a non negligible question whey you consider building customer loyalty by gift cards. You need to know how many customers will be included in your customer loyalty program. And if you are new seal you must consider how much you can pay for per customer. 
Electronic gift cards which are the easiest to utilize and you can’t beat the affordability – no production costs! By this way to tell your customer that you have special discount for your birthday guys you can get more loyal customers.
2. A Seasonal ApproachMaybe you often receive emails from your current hair vendors, but don’t you think about how often will they send? They send daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally. They remind you to order virgin hair send a same email. This way also can be used in gift cards.
Except festivals, you can also send gift cards seasonally to remind your customer it’s time to order new hair bundles. When they order they can provide a gift card then customers can get a small gift by showing their card, they will still consider to order hair from you next time. The good example I knew is a salon, offer free mink lashes to their customer own gift cards, this method encourage customers try new your new products all the time.
3. Barcode Gift CardsBarcode gift cards act as a unique account for the customer, so you can store and research for customer information via their account. You’ll need a barcode scanner, of course, to look up gift cards. With magnetic-stripe gift cards, on the other hand, the magnetic strips offer superior date security compared to the barcode, and they swipe through your credit card terminal the same as any debit or credit card.
If you want to do gift cards, the first step is to talk directly to your POS company or payment processor. A POS with an in-house gift card program makes things easier in terms of payment processing and reporting. Make sure to check if it’s an additional add-on. Certain companies offer gift cards free on all accounts. The only thing you’ll only pay is a production cost on the cards. Other companies, like JC Hair Factory, charge an extra monthly dropship hair membership fee.
4. With A Discount IncludedThe gift card itself has an incentive effect, but if you add discounts, it’s hard to ignore. You can discount your company’s gift cards to encourage customers to visit your store. For example, if the gift card is used in a store rather than online, you can offer an additional 10%-15% discount.
Discounts don’t have to be used with gift cards. Instead, encourage customers to use their gift cards online or in store and guide them to advertise, they can get additional rewards, will trigger more passion to become your loyal customer.
5. In A Social Media ContestHave you ever win gift via participate in sweepstakes? I think it’s like a surprise. Win a free sew in weave, wig, or other free thing by forwarding it from countless family and friends, even though it’s almost one-in-a-million chance, you still hope you are the lucky guy.
This approach clearly resonates well with shoppers, and social media contests and giveaways can be easily executed with a gift card. So, as a retailer, what do you need to implement this idea? First, get the gift card to have a huge, attractive price tag, so people are sure to think about it back in their own feeds – but always make sure it’s within your budget. Then, use a set of clear and simple rules to create an attractive image to compete in.
One important thing is keep your social media active before you plan a giveaway event. If someone comment your post, remember to reply them on time, even if someone only forward your post, don’t forget to give them a “like” to let them know you are very happy with their participation.
Gift cards not only have the 5 ways to exist, I’m sure you can find a suitable way to create your own gift cards, now, moving forward with creating gift cards to build customer loyalty! JC Hair Factory offer the best wholesale virgin hair and wholesale mink lashes to worldwide market and most competitive factory prices. If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly. Welcome to visit our factory!

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