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A hairdryer is one of a curly haired woman’s most important tools. Many websites advise air drying curly hair. Maybe that works for some women. But, air drying mostly leaves curls limp, lifeless, and dull.

Some websites also claim that blow drying curls, even at low settings, cause heat damage. You can cause heat damage if you don’t invest in the proper tools and products.

As long as you use the proper tools and products and learn how to properly dry your hair (Rule No. 1), a hair dryer should not damage it.

d, many of these women alternate between curly and straight styles. That’s cool.

“Her messy hair, a visible attribute to her stubborn spirit. As she shakes it free, she smiles knowing wild is her favorite color. –J. Iron Word

Various individuals, experts and just plain fans of author and poet J. Iron Word, offer interesting interpretations on the meaning of this fascinating and lovely quote.

While their words differed, most essentially reached similar conclusions. They mostly noted that Hollywood and the wealthy have set unrealistic and unattainable levels for beauty, which society insists on pressuring the everyday woman to believe is normal.

So, while the ultra-wealthy utilize plastic surgery, a woman without such access women must also be must rail thin and wrinkle-free, no matter her age or how many children she has delivered. But, the woman in the Mr. Word’s quote rejects such pressures and is proud of her true self. Thus, she is really the most beautiful.

The quote is also often used to describe curly-haired women. For years, many scorned curly hair and gave it negative stereotypes. It was considered unruly, messy, unprofessional, and unattractive. But, in reality, the women who embraces her curls, who care for them and who love them, are really the most beautiful.

Many critics have gone after curly hair for years.  They see it as wild, untamed, unprofessional, and ignorant.  But, curly hair really is beautiful. It’s glamorous, classy, and unique.  Now, really. Do you actually want to just blend in with the crowd? No! So, stand out, be yourself, and be beautiful!


    • Rule No. 1
    • Rule No. 2
  • List of  Top Hair Dryers for Curly Hair
    • 1. Deva Blow Dryer with Diffuser
    • 2. MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w
    • 3. Jinri Professional AC Hair Dryer 1875W
    • 4. Wazor Professional Hair Dryer Ionic Ceramic
    • 5. Conair 1875 Watt Cord-Keeper 2-in-1 Styler
    • 6. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer
    • 7. RUSK Engineering W8less
    • Curly v. Straightened
    • Types of Hair Dryers
    • Wattage
    • Hair Dryer Attachments
  • Preparing Your Hair for Blow Drying
      • Cleansing
      • Shampoo
      • No Poo or Lo Poo Cleanser
      • Cleansing Conditioner or Co-Wash
      • Curly Hair Conditioners
      • Microfiber Towel
      • Clarifying Shampoo
  • Styling Products
      • Here are some of the best styling products for curly hair:
  • Hair Types
  • Blow Drying Curly Hair
    • How To Straighten Your Curls
    • To Add Volume and Lift to Your Curls
  • Loving Your Curls

Rule No. 1

There are many basic guidelines when it comes to caring for curly hair.  And, it takes time and lots of patience to learn and master them. It’s really a continual, ongoing process.

You must also understand that everything affects your hair:  seasons, weather, temperature, produce – everything. And, things can change over time.  What worked one on day might not work another day. Oh well, that’s just the way it is. To reiterate, it’s always an ongoing process and, again, you must be patient. But, it’s worth it.

You may feel frustrated at times. If you do, remember Rule No. 1. Patience and always learning.

Rule No. 2

The second rule is that you must invest in products and tools. This cannot be overlooked. Straight-haired women might be able to get away with a few economy shampoos, mousses, and a decade’s old brush, but curly-haired women aren’t so lucky. If you don’t invest in the proper products and tools, your curly hair can easily damage and look limp or frizzy.

Plus, you need to sound invest in good products. It’s the same for other things. You want nice TV – you invest in the best one.  A nice house, you purchase one that’s nicely built and secure. If you buy items that are poor quality, they don’t work well or last.  Well, it’s the same when it comes to your hair. If you use cheap tools and products, your hair won’t like nice (more on this later).

List of  Top Hair Dryers for Curly Hair

Now that you know about all of the hair dryers, it’s time to examine the top ones.

1. Deva Blow Dryer with Diffuser

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Deva Curl created this 1600 watt ionic hair dryer exclusively for curly and wavy hair.  It was the first of its kind (Deva Curl focuses it’s an entire line of tools and products on curly and wavy hair needs and even teaches a specialized dry haircut). It comes with Deva Curl’s unique, hand-shaped diffuser and a concentrator nozzle.  Users rave about how much they lift and volume it gives their curls.

This hair dryer was really the only one to receive more than a handful of comments regarding how it worked with curly hairstyles. Users liked how it straightened their curls, too.  Those with short curly hair said that the hand-shaped diffuser did not work well with their curls.

2. MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w

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As a ceramic hair dryer, it utilizes ionic technology. It comes with both a diffuser and concentrator nozzle.  It’s ergonomic and easy to use. Some say it’s lightweight, others say it’s weighty. It works quickly, quietly and makes curly hair smooth and frizz free.  It has a long cord and a built-in loop that can be used to hang it up.

3. Jinri Professional AC Hair Dryer 1875W

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This tourmaline hair dryer comes with a diffuser, concentrator nozzle, and comb attachment. Many users were pleased with the weight, the fast results, and how smooth and soft it left their straightened hair.  It also has a built-in loop that can be used to hang it up. A few complained that the attachments kept falling off.

4. Wazor Professional Hair Dryer Ionic Ceramic

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This ceramic tourmaline hair dryer comes with a concentrator nozzle and comb attachment.  Some users claimed it was heavy and got too hot to hold, yet its power and comb attachment made it effective for straightening and smoothing thick, kinky, coarse, curly hair.

Those who once stopped straightening their hair as it took too much time and work, because of this hair dryer’s efficiency, were once again enjoying straight styles again.  Many also any noted that they hardly ever needed to follow-up with a flat iron, which was unique for any of the hair dryers. Some complained that the attachments and diffusers did not stay on.

5. Conair 1875 Watt Cord-Keeper 2-in-1 Styler

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This tourmaline ceramic hair dryer comes with a diffuser and concentrator nozzle.  Users liked how it worked and noted that it folded and traveled well. They especially liked the convenience of the extra long retractable cord.  It did not dry hair quickly and total straightening was not always constant, so many had to follow up with flat irons.

6. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer

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As the name indicates, it’s a titanium hair dryer.  It works very quickly and efficiently straightens curly hair.  It has multiple heat settings, comes with a concentrator nozzle, and is simple to clean. Those with long curly hair liked the fast results. Many noted, however, that it’s bulky and heavy. Several also noted that it got extremely hot and was very loud.

7. RUSK Engineering W8less

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This is a combination ceramic and tourmaline hair dryer. It comes with a concentrator nozzle.  It works well with those with thick, course hair and those with difficult to dry hair. It was lightweight, easy to hold, and worked quickly and quietly.  It handled long hair and transformed even course, kinky curls into silky smooth, beautiful straight hair. It also worked well with curls, though users recommend using a diffuser.  Users and professionals alike gave this seven-speed hair dryer high points.


blow dryer for curly hairblow dryer for curly hair

Curly v. Straightened

Hair dryers accomplish two things for curly hair:

  1. enhance the curl and add volume and definition
  2. straighten it.

Many women continue to want to straighten their beautiful curly hair.  This can be a touchy subject sometimes. Why change something so beautiful and, as discussed above, makes you blend in? Well, everyone has a right to have the hairstyle they wish and that should always be respected. And, really, some curly haired women looked absolutely stunning when they straighten their hair. An

Types of Hair Dryers

For curly hair, a plain, simple hair dryer from the drug store or retailer simply won’t cut it.  Curly hair requires at least one the following types of hairdryers:

Titanium Hair Dryers: manufacturers construct the drying elements on these hair dryers with titanium. They sustain a steady high temperature, which infiltrates the hair and dry it quickly, which reduces frizz and damage  While they’re not ideal for those with damaged hair or hair easily prone to damage, their lightweight and fast drying speed make them ideal for those with lots of hair and/or thick hair.

Ionic Hair Dryers: these hair dryers work with negative ion technology.  The hairdryer kindles metal mesh, which generates negative ions, and then blows them onto the user’s wet hair, which contains positive charges.  The positive charges then evenly distribute the throughout each hair follicle and seal each strand.

The process, in addition to halving drying time, reduces frizz, enhances shine, and intensifies softness. The hair dryers also shield hair from environmental stresses and help hold styles. Positive ions, however, can cause static electricity, flyaway strands, and sometimes frizz for those with thin hair.

Ceramic Hair Dryers: these hair dryers have a ceramic covering on the drying element.  They, too, release negative ions onto the hair shaft and seal its cuticle. They rapidly steady the temperature and spread heat uniformly.  They provide enhanced smoothness and control frizz and are especially good for those with damaged, weak, and thin hair and women who blow-dry their hair frequently.

Tourmaline Hair Dryers: tourmaline is a semiprecious jewel.  Manufacturers mash it into a light powder and construct it into the inner workings of the hair dryer.  The hair dryer then uses negative ion therapy on the powder and either chill, pressurizes it to produces an electrical charge and emit both far-infrared and negative ions.

The far-infrared heat ions seal hair’s moisture and the negative ions seal the cuticle. Hair is sleek, shiny, and smooth. The hairdryer is not recommended for thin hair and doesn’t build volume well.


The wattage number of a hair dryer refers to power.  Most home hair dryers are around 1300 to 2000, while professional hair dryers can go as high as 3600. The higher wattage hair dryers are better for thicker curls. They shorten the drying time and minimize frizz and damage

Different hair types require different wattages and different heat settings. Thicker hair needs higher heat, but, then again, if hair is just damp, a lower heat setting is better.  Thin and fragile hair needs less heat, too (more on hair types later – remember the Rules).

Most hair dryers have a cold button or “cold shot” button. Some stylists suggest using a hair dryer’s cold button once hair is about eighty percent dry to hold the final look, protect against overheating and add extra shine.

Hair Dryer Attachments

Sometimes hair dryers come with certain attachments and sometimes you have to order them separately.  Be careful when you purchase online. Many times you’ll see the hair dryer you want, but if the attachments are listed, you won’t receive them.  If you want them, be careful to see that they are noted on the page where you make your purchase selection.

Diffuser: this spreads the warmed air into a wider area, so hair doesn’t blow all around. They are highly recommended for wavy and curly hair as they maintain its texture and also add volume.

Some diffusers can be quite unique and fancy, with bowls, tubes, collapsible parts, and prongs. Some look like a hand and some look like a sock. Some hair dryers have diffuser type nozzles and are eternally meant to enhance curls, rather than straighten them. Check Out: Universal Hair Diffuser Adaptable

If your hair has any curl at all, using a hair dryer with a diffuser along with the proper products will bring out and beautify those curls.

Concentrator Nozzle: unlike a diffuser, this draws in the air and focuses it.  It’s useful for reducing frizz and turning curls into smooth, straight hair.

Comb Attachment:  used thoughtfully and correctly, this will straighten and smooth out hair without drying it.  It’s also part concentrator, so it targets the warm air. It additionally detangles hair without snagging and tugging, which lessens breakage.  It is also called a universal pik and long comb attachment.

More: Best Travel Hair Dryer

Preparing Your Hair for Blow Drying

Hair dryers were one of the tools used to care for curly hair.  This section will cover some of the products.


Before you even begin to blow dry your hair, you need to first prepare your hair.  And, that, of course, begins with cleansing. Here are the basics:


Curly hair needs special shampoo care.  For starters, any shampoo you use should always be sulfate free.  Sulfates are used to make bubbles and foam in cleansers, soaps, and shampoos.  That may be fine for those products and straight hair, but they’re evil to curly hair.  Sulfates dry out curly hair and make it frizzy. And, don’t assume that all “curly hair” shampoos are sulfate free.  Always read the label.

No Poo or Lo Poo Cleanser

These cleansers are free of sulfates, silicones, and parabens and most are specifically made for curly hair.  It may feel odd washing your hair with a product that does not get sudsy.

Many don’t like such products because of that – they aren’t convinced the product actually cleans their hair.  But, they really do. And, they produce excellent results, especially if you want to wear your hair curly. The lack of suds and the quality formulas enrich your hair. If you cannot get used to the lack of suds, try a lo poo formula.

Cleansing Conditioner or Co-Wash

This is actually even better for curly hair than shampoo.  Many professional hair stylists recommend that curly hair women actually ditch shampoos in favor of this product.

As its name implies, it’s a conditioner that actually cleanses like shampoo and it also conditions. And, like the no and lo poo cleansers, they really do cleanse your hair and scalp.

Once more, the only issue some people have is getting used to cleansing without suds. You could always add some shampoo if you wanted. These products also produce excellent results, especially for curly hairstyles and also enrich your hair.

Curly Hair Conditioners

Some curly hair is dry and needs conditioning.  Conditioning is very important for hair that is frequently straightened in order to counteract any potential damage.  If you find that conditioners weigh down your hair, try conditioning first, then shampooing. Using a co-wash eliminates the need for a separate conditioner.

Microfiber Towel

You should use a microfiber towel, or even a cotton t-shirt, in which to wrap your hair after you cleanse it, rather than a towel. They produce less friction and diminish frizz.

Clarifying Shampoo

Over-conditioning can flatten your curls.  A clarifying shampoo will instantaneously bring it back to life.  Remember, to use sulfate free.

Styling Products

Curly hair products are complicated and challenging. There are so many out there.  You may also have to go through a lot of products just to find the one or two that work really well for you.

Plus, you also have to learn to properly use each product, so don’t give up on and toss a product because you didn’t like the way it worked the first few times you used it.  Using too much or too little can make your hair look flat, greasy, and/or frizzy. Give it a few more tries. You might wind up loving it.

Here are some of the best styling products for curly hair:

  • Gel: gels help tame flyaways and frizz and define curls, specifically when used on damp hair (can also be used on dry hair).  It’s heavy, so it lasts. It can flake and if you use too much, your hair can look wet and greasy and crunch when scrunched. Recommended: Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel
  • Mousse: this is light, so it’s good for loose styles and wavy hair. It doesn’t have much hold and doesn’t do well with frizz. Recommended: Thermafuse Fixxe Volume Mousse
  • Creams: creams hydrate, shape, and smooth, so they’re more suited for curly hair. They don’t offer hold and, thus, don’t work well with wavy hair.
  • Sea Salt Sprays: these add texture to the hair as if you went to the beach.  Curly hair, interestingly, is really the only hair that looks better at the beach. Recommended: Davines This is a Sea Salt Spray
  • Gloss Sprays and Oils: these add shine, nurture curls, and maintain softness.
  • Serums: serums define ringlets, moisture, shine, manageability, and fullness. Recommended: Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
  • Straightening Creams: there are various straightening creams you can apply to your hair that will help diminish frizz, maintain smoothness, and protect against damage during the straightening process. Recommended: L’ANZA Healing Smooth Smoother

This is really just a sample of the array of available styling products.

Admittedly, some cleansing and styling products, especially the higher end ones and the ones that work the best, can be costly.  They are, however, worth every penny. They really do improve your hair and make it look nicer, especially if you decide to wear it curly.  You really will notice the difference.

Most of the better brands are found online, where you can find informative customer reviews, and if you spend some looking, you can sometimes find deals.  Again, for many products, the cost is worth it.

Remember Rules 1 and 2. Know, too, that some products may work wonders for one person, but then disappoint you, and also vice versa. Oftentimes, it’s just your type of hair.  You simply have to find the one that works best with your hair.

You don’t always have to use an expensive brand every day.  You could have categories of cleansers. Use a less expensive brand for routine or non-active days and save the more expensive brand for special occasions.

Hair Types

As noted previously, there are various hair types of curly hair, from loose and wavy to tight corkscrew.  And, there are also subcategories within types. Your curly type is based upon the hair follicle shape. Oval shaped and flat follicles result in curly hair, while round cross-sections result in straight hair. Each requires distinct care (for example Type 4b, corkscrew curls require extra hydration).

There are various sites that describe each type and offer advice.  They’re great guides, but, of course, and again, you’ll need to discover on your own which products work best for your type and your own hair.

Here are some of the sites that describe curl type and offer advise:

  • https://www.curls.biz/curly-hair-type-guide.html
  • https://www.allure.com/gallery/curl-hair-type-guide
  • https://www.glamour.com/story/curly-hair-curl-type-chart

Blow Drying Curly Hair

Once your hair is clean, wrap it in a microfiber towel to absorb the extra moisture, and then comb your hair with a wide tooth comb or pik.  Some professionals advise using styling product when hair is soaking wet, before using a microfiber towel.

Unless you’re in the process of straightening your hair with the hairdryer, never brush curly hair. It breaks and frizzes your hair. Then, apply your styling products. In addition to your hair dryer and styling products, Duck Bill Clips are another useful accessory.  They’re large clips that hold large sections of hair up and out of the way.

How To Straighten Your Curls

  • For best results when straightening your hair:
  • place the concentrator nozzle on your hairdryer.  Set on high or the highest setting you can tolerate.
  • use duckbill clips to sweep hair up and away and concentrate on small sections.
  • roll a round brush into the end of a section of your hair.
  • Gently pull your hair straight and roll the brush slowly up toward your scalp.  At the same time, keep the hair dryer’s nozzle pointed on the brush.
  • When that strand is straight and dry, release a new strand from duck bull clip, straighten that section, and so forth.
  • If you are not satisfied with certain strands, touch them up with a straightening iron.

To Add Volume and Lift to Your Curls

For best results when blow drying your hair to maintain a curly hairstyle:

  • gather a few strands of hair from the top of your head and insert duckbill clips at the root. This makes your hair stick up. Such allows you to point the diffuser at your roots and add extra lift and volume.
  • attach the diffuser to your hairdryer.
  • bend forward and turn your head upside down. You can let your hair lay on top of the diffuser and place the diffuser up against your scalp.  It won’t hurt.
  • When your hair is nearly dry, you can remove the diffuser and finish up with the hairdryer on full for a minute or two.

Loving Your Curls

The importance of Rules No. 1 and 2 must again be mentioned. It really takes time to figure out how to best take care of your curls. There will be days when everything you spent a long time learning just won’t work anymore.

To reiterate, that’s just the way it is with curly hair. But, as you master the routine, you become quicker at the process and soon learn how to pick out your tools and products very quickly.

If you ever feel frustrated, keep remembering the rules and reminding yourself how you so beautifully stand out.

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