Making the decision to start wearing a wig can come about for a number of reasons, many of which can often be medical-related. Although wigs can offer a safety blanket to ladies suffering from unwanted hair loss, wearing a wig for the first time can induce a variety of emotions.

If you’re feeling nervous, self-conscious, embarrassed or scared, all of these feelings are completely normal. Anything that affects your appearance can be daunting, hair loss and wig-wearing alike, and we know that many of our lovely wig-wearers often start off apprehensively. However, once you overcome these feelings, you can feel wonderfully confident and self-assured during wig wear.

With years of experience in supporting ladies wearing wigs, here are our tips on wearing a wig for the first time.

Consider a Wig Fitting to Find the Right Wig

Although potentially daunting, wearing a wig for the first time can be liberating, and so is finding your first wig.

An undisputed key to confidence when wearing a wig is making sure that you have chosen a good quality wig, and we only offer the best. When wearing a wig for the first time, you’ll want it to look as natural as possible. You may want to consider a human hair wig , with the reason being that human hair wigs are human hair, so they look undeniably natural.

It’s also important to note though, that there are also some wonderfully high-quality synthetic wigs too. Synthetic wigs can look just as natural as human hair styles. Some synthetic wigs may have a subtle shine to them. To combat this, be sure to take a look at our guide on removing shine from a synthetic wig, if you have chosen a synthetic piece.

How to Wear a Wig

Comfort is of the upmost importance when wearing a wig for the first time, and so investing in the right wig and accessories is essential. For ladies with and without complete hair loss, wearing a wig cap can have various benefits. A wig cap acts as a protective barrier for your scalp, which helps to avoid any itchiness or discomfort, particularly for those with a sensitive scalp.

How to Rock a Wig

Knowing how to wear a wig and how to rock a wig are two completely different things. You might have mastered putting a wig on so that it feels comfortable, but you might not yet feel as confident as you might like. Fear not. It’s a personal journey that we are happy to help you to embark on. For our top tips on how to rock a wig, keep reading…

Practice Your Wig Wearing at Home

A great way of increasing your confidence with wearing a wig is to practise wearing it at home. Wear your lovely new wig around the house for a few days or weeks; however long it takes for you to get used to it and build up your confidence. Confidence is beauty after all, and once you build your confidence, you can truly start ‘owning’ your wig.

Take Your Wig For a Spin in Public

If you’re a new wig-wearer who is nervous to showcase your wig to the people you know, a great way to help you build-up to doing so, is to wear your wig in a public place where you are unlikely to run into people who know you. When doing so, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you forget about your wig and, before you know it, you’ll be able to rock it everywhere with confidence.

Secure Your Wig in Place

To make sure you feel as confident and comfortable as possible when wearing your wig, we have some useful tips for securing your wig in place, even on a windy day! Comfortable wig tape, wig grips, and silicone sheets are easy to apply and ensure that your wig stays in place throughout the day. Having this reassurance can make wig wearing enjoyable and comfortable.


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