Anwigs 2022 Hair Color Trends

2021 is coming to an end, do you know the new trends for 2022? it is time to try new colored wigs. Actually, it is not easy to predict the color trend, but we have compiled the color trend of anwigs in 2021 for you. The hairstyle is not complicated, we can do any stylish only you want, the most important is the choice of color.

In 2021, are you tired of regular hair colors and want to try bold new colors in 2022?

In the past months, we have been experimenting with new colors and finally launched the following colors–Natural black, Blonde Ombre, Ash Blonde, Honey Blonde, Ginger Red Color, Burgundy, Ginger Orange, Balayage and Purple Color. Now let’s take a close look at, I believe you can get the inspiration you want from these colors.

Natural Black

white-space: nowrap;”>When it comes to the topic of how to choose the color of human hair wigs, the natural black wig is the first one for customers to consider, because natural black closes to our own hair color and when you put on natural black human hair wig, it will looks very natural and realistic, like your own hair.

Natural black is sophisticated and serious, It’s the preferred color for most customers, and the natural black wig is a classic piece of human hair wig — timeless and always appropriate.

If you don’t know how to choose the right colored wigs or when for your first human hair wig, you can think about a human hair wig with natural black hair color.

Blonde Ombre

Compared with pure blonde color, blonde Ombre gives a person a new feeling, it’s bright and fresh, it’s also the symbol of youth and beauty.

In summer, it is your best choice, it can give people a new look and leave a deep impression, you will not feel rigid and dull at all.

In summer or warm weather, blonde Ombre is the choice that will not go wrong.

When for your first blonde human hair wig, we suggest you can choose one blonde wig which start with dark root on the blonde color or use some lighter face-framing highlights, this will more safe for you to try blonde color wig.

Ash Blonde

Ash-blonde is a gray element added to the blonde tone, making the whole color gray gold. It looks very mysterious and charming.

With this gray dimension, this wig will create a more special and natural look. If you want to try some new color, an ash blonde human hair wig is what you want.

Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is the perfect color for the person who wants to create a warm overlook. honey blonde has a more golden tone, it will looks warm and peaceful, but it also gives a person a gorgeous feeling, full of femininity. It is suitable for all skin colors.

Ginger Red Color

Ginger red is a unique and extraordinary color, looks like a raging fire. It always gives us infinite strength and fighting spirit, makes us full of courage and confidence in life, and it is the symbol of passion, energy, courage and strength.

And ginger red has a very strong visual impact, it is a very strong color, and it can form a strong contrast with many colors. If you want to leave a deep impression, choose a ginger red wig, no matter where you are, it can always bring a sense of shock to people.

anwigs ginger red wigs have a dark root which gives you a more smooth transition and when you put them on, look more natural.

Burgundy Color

When you see burgundy color, you will think this color is red wine or dark red, yes, they are similar, but not exactly one color. Burgundy’s color is originated from red, more like a reddish-purple. It is also mixed with three colors, composed of 50.2% red, 0% green, and 12.5% blue.

Burgundy color is a modern and cool color, it can perform well on pale, medium, olive, or dark skin tones.

Burgundy color is the symbol of personality, when you put on this burgundy Color human hair wig, you will be the outstanding one in the crowd.

Ginger Orange Color

  • Custom Color and Length 16″-26″ Available Light Copper Red Color #130 Virgin Human Hair WigStart at $269.00

During the global epidemic period, our life will be a bit dull and depressed than before, and we need to use positive energy to make our 2021 summer full of enthusiasm and mystery, warm and unrestrained, and bring us some vitality and warmth.

Ginger orange color gives us a more optimistic expression, try this custom color human hair wig will make you look more alluring.


Before you want to choose Balayage color human hair wig, you need to know that balayage is not the exact color, it is a technique to add some highlight on your wig which means another color paint onto your hair to create a more natural look, the finial looking we call it is a balayage color wig.

If you choose Balayage color human hair wig, it is easy for you to maintain this wig and this color can last for a long time.

Purple Color

In terms of color dimension, purple is a mixture of blue and red. Purple color is a rare occurring color in wigs because purple color is difficult to look natural when be put on, but when anwigs makes purple color human hair wigs, add a dark root to create a more smooth transition which makes it looks more natural when you put on.

Purple color often is seen as outstanding, delicate, and is becoming more and more popular in 2021. Choose this color wig will make you more luxurious and mysterious, especially in hot summer.

anwigs provides different options for cap constructions– 13×6 lace front wig, 13×4 lace front, 5×5 lace closure, and t lace cap. You can according to your budget to choose the best one for you. You don’t need to worry about not being able to choose your favorite colored wigs because of your limited budget.

Are you ready? Come to pick up your favorite color to enjoy a relaxed time.

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  • 16”-26” BLONDE COLOR HUMAN HAIR WIGStart at $279.00

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