Are We Wearing Wigs From Dead People

Are We Wearing Wigs From Dead People 02
Are We Wearing Wigs From Dead People 02

Absolutely not!

Are We Wearing Wigs From Dead People
Are We Wearing Wigs From Dead People

Nowadays, many people wear wigs, and the most common ones are human hair and chemical fiber wigs.

But today, when we say human hair, some people ask if it’s made by a dead person?

This may be the influence of horror films. In fact, nowadays people are directly cremated if they die, so don’t think too much about it, besides, the business of making wigs from dead people’s hair is simply not viable.

So in order to avoid you fall into the wrong trap, I will introduce to you what hair quality and sources of human hair wigs are.


Most of the wigs we wear are come from China,

Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Brazil, Europe, Mongolia and Malaysia.


Chinese hair is the hair with the largest amount of raw materials to make wigs at present.

Due to the large population in China, it can be bleached after being treated with excessive acid and is not easy to break.

It can be decorated on the head and then shaped.


Indian hair is soft, but it is not as straight and flexible as Chinese hair, with wavy curls. 

The hair is easy to break after chemical treatment, and its plasticity is not so good.


The color of European hair is mainly light, which is close to the European consumer market.

The hair quality of European hair is soft, which is not suitable for bleaching, dyeing and post-treatment, so it is mainly used for hair extensions directly.


Brazilian hair is the original meaning of children’s hair.

From the hair of children under the age of 10 years old, soft, delicate, curving products.

Among them, India hair is softer, Vietnam hair and China hair are slightly harder.
The raw material price is about the same, but the finished product price is quite high, while the pure Indian hair can’t be bleached into light color, many Indian customers import the raw material from China or Vietnam and add an Indian title to become Indian hair.
This should be carefully identified.

Are Human Hair Wigs Better Than Synthetic-02
Are Human Hair Wigs Better Than Synthetic-02


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