Best Three Ways to Secure a Wig

Securing your wig is the most important aspect of wearing your wig. The number one fear of wig wearers worldwide is that their wig will fall off, blow off, slide off, get ripped off, or move around. Securing your wig correctly and making sure it is really secure will make you more confident while you wear your wig.

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Method 1: Wig Tape

straight hair
straight hair

Wig tape is a double-sided tape that adheres to your head on one side and your wig on the other. Wig tape is one of the most effective methods of securing a wig, but it’s not worth damaging your existing hair. If you use tape to attach a wig on top of your natural hair, it can rip out hairs when you remove it. NEVER place wig tape directly on your hair.

Tape is great for wigs that have thin skin/polyurethane around the perimeter wig. It’s also great if you wear your wig during normal activities, while working out or are going to a big event. Wig tape is one of the easiest to remove using a solvent.

Method 2: Wig Glue

How to make the baby hair of wigs
How to make the baby hair of wigs

Like with wig tape, wig glue should only be used very carefully, especially if you have hair. Glue is used around the perimeter to attach the wig just below the hairline. As with wig tape, wig glue is a secure method of wig attachment, and you could potentially rip out hairs when you remove it. If you have sensitive skin, avoid wig glue.

There are two types of wig glue (1) Acrylic-based glue. This glue can keep its hold for 4-6 weeks at a time. (2) Water-based glue. This is a white glue which becomes clear when dry. It will give a hold for 2-3 weeks and is recommended for people with sensitive skin who might have an allergic reaction to other glues. Sometimes the glue comes with a brush. For efficiency, we recommend you use a craft stick/popsicle stick.

Method 3: Wig Grips

BOB curly
BOB curly

Wig grips are one of the most popular methods for securing a wig especially if you don’t want to use tape of glue. They are perfect for whether you have hair or not and they are easy to use. Wig grips can be worn under any wig, hat, or scarf, and will keep them secure. It’s made of a double-sided velvet where one side that grips your hair or skin and one side grips your head to secure your wig. It has an adjustable strap at the back that allows you to readjust the size of the grip.

Best Option: Glueless Lace Wigs

Glueless Lace Wigs are your best option if you don’t want to use glue or tape. These wigs stay secure on the head without using glue or tape. Glueless Lace Wigs work great with wig grips, especially if you want to add another layer of security.


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