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Summer is the tourist season, and it is not complete if there’s no swimming and beach. Girls like to take beautiful pictures in the pool or at the beach, some would ask if I can swimming with lace front wigs on? Of course, you can, but here are some tips you need to know.

The pool contains chlorine, which is a chemical substance, chlorine will hurt our hair. And salt in water will also absorb moisture from the hair weave and make the hair lose luster and become more brittle.

swimming hair
swimming hair


1. Detangle

Make sure detangle before you go into the water, as the tangles will become more serious and difficult to deal with when the hair gets wet.

3. secure your wig

You definitely don’t want your human wig to fall off while you are swimming, that is really the most embarrassing thing. So you need to use waterproof adhesive and make sure the wig is firmly fixed on your head.

3、Make sure the right style

Loose hair tends to tangle in water, so you’d better braid your hair or an updo hairstyle.

4、Wear a swimming cap

The swimming cap may not be so good-looking, but if you really want to protect your wig more safely, a swimming cap is a good choice. Tuck the wig under the swimming cap.

Although you have taken all the above measures, your wig will inevitably be hurt, so taking care of your hair is very important. After swimming, you need to wash your hair as quickly as possible and use high quality shampoo to wash away the salt and chemicals from your hair. It is best to have an overnight deep condition. This prevents dryness and extends the lifespan of the wig.

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