Cancer Wigs: Best Synthetic Wigs to Buy for Cancer Patients

those suffering from serious medical conditions, such as cancer, the process of
finding a wig can be extremely daunting. It’s not something we choose, however
finding a wig solution that ensures you feel the best version of you given the
circumstances is vital to ensure you feel confident and strong enough to face
daily challenges.

finding the right wig whilst undergoing
many people prefer to opt for a natural-looking wig that matches a favoured
hairstyle or biological hair colour, something often thought to be achievable
with only human hair wigs. However, human hair wigs come with a greater cost
and are higher maintenance, and so aren’t the best option for everyone.

is where synthetic wigs come in, an
increasingly popular feasible wig option that, in some cases, can match the
texture and denier of normal human hair just the same as human hair wigs.

Why Synthetic Wigs Are a Popular Choice for Cancer Patients

recent years synthetic wigs’ popularity, quality and appeal have notably surged
as they can now give a wig wearer everything they need without costing too
much. Especially when suffering from cancer, you’d want a wig that’s reasonably
priced yet stunning and natural in its appearance but also made with a soft,
comfortable feel.

to wig technology advancements, this is achievable with the latest synthetic
wigs from world-leading wig designers in the industry.

Best Synthetic Wigs for Cancer Sufferers

suffering from cancer, it’s most important that you put maximising your
wellbeing and comfort at the forefront of your decision, so you firstly feel
natural when wearing the wig. The look and desired colour of the wig then comes
second, helping you to match your original style so you feel most like you. Here’s
a couple of our favourite synthetic wigs at Joseph’s Wigs broken down by hair
length to help find the best wig for you.

Short Synthetic Wig Styles

Short wigs are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a tucked
away, easy to maintain style that’s effortlessly
gorgeous and striking.

Visconti Diamond Mono Lace Petite wig – Star Hair Collection Gisela Mayer

The Visconti Diamond Mono Lace wig by Gisela Mayer is made using breathable, lightweight materials with adjustable straps to ensure the wig fits you well and is secure on your head. This wig is known for maximum comfort and has a stunning, maintainable style displaying natural hair growth from the scalp and an invisible hairline finish.

Joseph's Wigs Visconti Diamond Gisela Mayer Wig

Java wig – Ellen Wille Perucci Collection

A hot, stylish, maintainable, and comfortable wig that showcases elegance and softness. The Java Wig by Ellen Wille is a sophisticated, chin-length bob designed to provide a snug and secure fit, along with the most natural looking head of hair available. It’s made using the softest materials available to create a stunning lightweight look to see and feel.

Joseph's Wigs Java Ellen Wille Wig

Codi wig – Amore Rene of Paris

One of our best-sellers, the Codi Wig by Amore Rene of Paris is a stylish bob with a side-swept fringe that creates a beautiful and natural look. Its double monofilament top cap construction combined with calibrated soft machine wefts along the sides and back simulates natural hair growth from the scalp which also gives you styling flexibility.

Joseph's Wigs Codi Amore Rene of Paris Wig

Shoulder Length Wigs

sure about going short but equally not so keen on a long wig either? Shoulder
length wigs give you the best of both worlds: less maintenance yet unbeatable elegance.

Fox Mono Deluxe Lace wig – Gisela Mayer

The Fox Mono Deluxe Lace wig by Gisela Mayer serves ultimate glamour and naturalness available in a series of popular shades including the dark espresso mix and rum raisin reddish tone. The soft to touch wig cap is 100% hand-tied and has been designed to provide the wearer with a secure fit along with the most natural looking head of hair available.

Joseph's Wigs Fox Mono Deluxe Gisela Mayer Wig

Code Mono wig – Ellen Wille Hairpower Collection

Ellen Wille’s Code Mono wig has been crafted from soft, high-quality materials; each fibre hair has been carefully designed to simulate natural hair growth, which creates a beautiful realistic look. It’s extremely lightweight and perfect for those with sensitive scalps, such as those who are experiences the effects of chemotherapy.

Joseph's Wigs Code Mono Ellen Wille Wig

Splendid Lace wig – Hair Society Collection by Ellen Wille

The Splendid Lace Wig by Ellen Wille is perfect for those suffering from cancer; its monofilament top gives the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp and the lightweight cap also benefits from a lace front construction, which takes on a natural appearance of your scalp and skin tone. This wig has been made using the finest grade materials and features cutting edge wig technology to create a comfortable yet stylish look.

Joseph's Wigs Splendid Hair Society Ellen Wille Wig

Festival Mono wig – Gisela Mayer

Looking for bounce and curls? The Festival Mono wig by Gisela Mayer offers a classic look that can be styled using wig fibre products or just finger teased to suit the mood. This designer collection has been specially made for those with sensitive scalps providing a breathable, but secure fit designed using the softest materials available.

Joseph's Wigs Festival Mono Gisela Mayer Wig

Long Synthetic Wigs

to match your natural length? Go for a gorgeous long wig that can ensure
maximum comfort and help you achieve a confident, exquisite look that feels

Glow wig – Ellen Wille Hairpower Collection

The popular Glow wig by Ellen Wille showcases looser curls that frame the face beautifully, available in striking shades such as the hot chilli red mix and the champagne rooted blonde colour. The lightweight weft cap has been made using specially selected materials, which are breathable and used for their softness to always ensure maximum comfort.

Joseph's Wigs Glow Ellen Wille Wig

Sun Side wig – Gisela Mayer

The Sun Side wig by Gisela Mayer is a natural-looking, life-like synthetic style with a monofilament crown that creates the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp. Its lightweight cap has soft wefts, which provide a breathable, but secure fit designed using the softest materials available. With stunning flicks, this style is extremely unique offering a sense of personality and character.

Joseph's Wigs Sun Side Gisela Mayer Wig

Influence wig – Inspired Collection

The Influence wig is a beautiful long wig with a hint of movement made with a monofilament parting area that gives the illusion of natural hair growth. Its face shaping long front fringe can be pushed back away from the face with natural curls at the ends of the fibre strands. The cap has been made using specially selected materials, which are breathable and used for their softness, and is extremely lightweight – perfect for those undergoing chemotherapy.

Joseph's Wigs Influence Inspired Collection Wig

Browse Joseph’s Wigs’ Popular Synthetic Wigs for Cancer

you’re suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, we want to make
finding a wig as pain-free and enjoyable as possible. With our stunning range
of natural-looking, comfortable synthetic wigs you can find the perfect wig for
cancer to suit your needs.

Browse our collection
of synthetic wigs for ladies

if you’d like a one-to-one chat on the phone, get in contact with Claire from Joseph’s Wigs who’ll be more than
happy to discuss your needs or anything else you might be going through, call 020 8648 5541 or email

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