Benefits of Hot Oil Treatments for Natural Hair | MIELLE

From styling and coloring to heat, detangling, washing, and much more, we put our hair through a lot. It is important to keep your natural hair looking and feeling its best, and it’s no secret that hot oil treatments are great for your hair. Whether you have dry or damaged hair, or you are looking for another self-care regimen, you will love how hot oil hair treatment leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny! 

Haircuts with Bangs: New Trends 2022 – Anwig Beauty Hair

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Haircuts with Bangs: New Trends 2022
Women are known to be fickle creatures, eternally striving for perfection. Owners of straight hair curl them, curly ones – straighten them, brunettes brighten, blondes – are dyed into a “woman – vamp”. Will add charm to any image, help to “throw off” a few years, transform, change facial features – bangs.

How to stop tangles in your hair – Anwig Beauty Hair

backcombing causes tangles and hair breakage

The best way to ensure you don’t have to brush out your tangles is to stop them before they even start. We all can’t wake up everyday expecting to have great hair. Especialy many beautiful ladies have to fight with tangled hair every morning. But sometimes fighting tangles can be a serious business: brush them out while dry need to run the risk of creating more tangles; brush them out while wet possibly cause breakage.

What’s the differences between Brazilian Hair and Peruvian Hair? – Anwig Beauty Hair


Peruvian hair comes in light brown, deep brown, or darker colors, whereas Brazilian hair does not have color variation, but it is easy to apply color on Brazilian hair. If you talk about Brazilian vs. Peruvian hair’s volume and body, both are excellent options. But Peruvian hair has got more body to the hair.

How long do human hair wigs last? – Anwig Beauty Hair

There is no one exact answer to the question of how long human hair wigs last. The reason there is no one exact answer is that like everything else in the hair world, every person is different, unique, and has their own lifestyle. When addressing this question, I’m sure you know a lot about wigs. Is the human hair wig made from 100% all natural human hair or is it a combination of human and/or synthetic or other fibers?

Something about quick cute hairstyles with weave


Weave hairstyles are black women’s best friends whenever they want a fabulous change of color and length. They can get inspired by these amazing quick Weave hairstyles. A quick weave hairstyle is a great option when you’d like to change your hairstyles within a short period, or you are unable to braid your hair.