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Celebs’ Secret Of Keeping Hair Glam


Does celebrities have secret tricks to always been spotted in often changed glam and  gorgeous looks? How come they have short hair yesterday and super long locks now/ Yes, celebs often have beautiful locks, but they also can thank their beautiful tresses to not only their hair stylists, but also their wigs and extensions. You may be surprised just how many celebs wear wigs and how often they choose to switch up their look. Instead of keeping just one hair do’ they choose to have fun with their locks by constantly switching up their hair look, and we don’t blame them with their line of work! Are you dying to know what celebs wear wigs? We have a few secrets to spill in the paragraphs below so keep on reading!


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Beyonce Embraces Quality Lace Wigs & Extensions

If you have ever seen Beyonce’s real hair, well then you’re pretty special because it’s hidden somewhere underneath all of her extensions! We’ve waited for quite some time to see those real strands, but Queen Bey chooses to keep her tresses long and lovely thanks to quality hair extensions. We know she takes care of her tresses and looks amazing with her short or long locks, so extensions definitely compliment her diva look.

 long hair

Naomi Campbell Loves her Middle Part Long Sleek and Full Bangs Striaght Wigs

Naomi Campbell is called Queen even in celebs squad , she stays pretty busy in her modeling and personal life,
 but when you see her in the spotlight she often has a wig. She’s been wearing wigs for several years now and pulls them off quite well! What do you think is Naomi Campbell’s best look? Middle part sleek look or full bang straight look?

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Gaga Goes the Extra Hair Mile

As we all know by now Lady Gaga is not afraid to switch up her hair color and hairstyles, and she does this almost daily. She loves to go the extra mile with lace frontal wigs, tape hair extensions, and you name it! She loves experimenting with all sorts of looks and Gaga also loves tons of color in her hair. She’ll go from a modest blonde updo to a hot pink hairstyle in a nano second!

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Kardashians and Their Glam Squad!

If you’ve seen Kim, Khloe and Kylie’s glamorous wig closet, then there should be no doubt in your mind that Kardashians love wigs! Not only do their glam squads make their looks ravishing, their hair always looks fabulous thanks to their variety of wigs.

What other celebs do you think rock wigs perfectly ? Email us your fav. Celebs’ look to customize your WoWEbony Celeb wig, get closer to your icon starting from head to toe: )


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