Hair Toppers For Black Women 101 – Everything To Know About

Hair Toppers For Black Women 101 – Everything To Know About




When you search for hair toppers for black women on Google, you can see more than 19 million results. This may be a surprising number for many of us. Why do people seem to care more about hair products for African women? Why do they wear hair toppers? Here come the answers.

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Hair Toppers For Black Women

Why Do Black Women Wear Hair Toppers?

What do you see when thinking about black women – dark skin, black hair, or full and pouty lips? Some people come with a misconception around their hair: they think that African women have thick hair so they don’t have to wear fake hair. Recent research shows that more than 80 percent of black women are suffering from different types of hair loss. 

Hair Toppers For Black Women 101 - Everything To Know About
black women wearing hair toppers

Although modern black women process their hair more than in the past, many of them still love to keep it as a cultural heritage. For this reason, hair toppers for black women are usually designed to help them hide their thinning areas. 

There are not many black women wear toppers as a fashionable item. Why they have to do this while wigs can bring about better results?

Why Hair Toppers?

There are reasons for people to choose hair toppers over any other extensions. So what are they?

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Fully Cover One Targeted Areas

Hair toppers provide partial coverage for black women who are facing balding spots or thinning areas. 

More Convenient

Comparing to any other extension, this product is more lightweight, easier to wear, and you can change into another style whenever you want. 

Can Blend With Existing Hair

Hair toppers come with great flexibility as it can perfectly blend with your existing hair, as long as you choose the right color. You can wear a hair topper while tiding your bio hair in a ponytail – which wigs cannot do. 

Hair Toppers For Black Women 101 - Everything To Know About
hair toppers give volume to thinning crown


With only from a hundred of dollars, you can purchase a hair topper. That’s such a blessing your those whose financial ability is low. However, this does not mean that you cannot purchase expensive ones. People requiring hair toppers with higher products still have many recommendations. 

Important Factors When Choosing Hair Toppers

When choosing a good hair topper for black women, there are some important factors that you need to know.

Hair Type

Hair toppers come in three common hair types which are synthetic hair, heat-friendly synthetic hair, and human hair. The last two ones are more preferred as people purchase hair toppers to blend in with their existing hair. In contrast, synthetic hair toppers still have their market share thanks to the affordable price and wide variety of styles (straight, wavy, curly, etc). 

Hair Toppers For Black Women 101 - Everything To Know About
hair type, length, and color

Hair Length

The length of your topper depends a lot on your desired look, hairstyle, and face shape. Women with short hairstyles usually look for a topper that matches the length of the style, while long hairstyles have a wider variety of lengths. In case the hair is layered, using a hair topper to add the look of layering is not a bad idea. 

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Hair Color

Choosing the right color of hair topper for black women is not only the final step but also the most important one. It is fine if your hair is black, but finding out a perfect match for other shades is very challenging. There are two ways for you to solve this problem. You can work with the company’s specialists to help in color matching. This may be too complicated for you, then try to choose a shade that is the closest to your desired one and have your existing hair professionally dyed afterward. 

Where To Buy Hair Toppers For Black Women?

Hair Toppers For Black Women 101 - Everything To Know About
hair toppers for black women at Anwig

If you are extremely confused by the huge number of products in the market, then Anwig, which is one of the most reliable extension providers, will not let you down. They come in good customer service, a wide variety of product types (hair toppers/topees, hair extensions, etc.), and also many specialists that will solve your problem in a timely manner. 

The Bottom Lines,

Now you know many things about hair toppers for black women. You definitely have other concerned questions that cannot find out the answers in this post. However, we still hope that you would find this post valuable. 

Have a nice day. 

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