How can you tell if someone is wearing a wig? (part two)

So it’s relatively easier to tell when it comes to synthetic hair. But for good quality human hair wigs or extensions, it’s harder to tell the difference through hair texture. They can be indistinguishable from eve an expert eye. Therefore, you may need to identify the wig by hairline or hair parting. In some cases, you may encounter a synthetic hair wig mixed with real human hair, which increases the difficulty in distinguishing. In this scenario, you’ll need to touch the hair with your fingers. Synthetic hair will be rougher than 100% human hair.

Too perfect

Generally speaking, the low-grade synthetic hair can be discerned by our eyes due to its wiggy look, but some good quality hair or extensions are not that easy to detect. Sometimes if the hair is too perfect it may be a wig. For example, in very humid conditions, if someone’s hair still looks perfect while everyone else is fighting frizz. Then you can say it’s very likely that the hair isn’t real.

Awkward posture

This situation may not be suitable for experienced wig wears. But you can certainly find it on wig beginners. There are people who become so conscious that they do not even move their heads or will be in a static posture when they are wearing a wig. Perhaps they are worrying that the wig may fall off if they have big movement. Or they might be not so confident to wear wigs. Or the wig is uncomfortable to wear. Whatever the reason is, you can tell that she is wearing false hair from the rigid neck posture. But this will disappear when they get used to wig-wearing.

You might suspect a wig with certain styling, but those styles are popular with real human hair too. There is literally no way to know short of physically examining. Actually, in real life, no one will come that close to examining your hair. Some of them may not even notice that. Everyone wears a wig for different reasons, maybe because of hair loss, maybe because of beauty. Whatever the reason is, it’s not a shame to wear a wig. And if someone notices that you are wearing a wig, it’s not a big deal. Try to work on an invisible and natural-looking!


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