How Do I Find The Best Hair Color For My Skin Tone?

Just like choosing the right clothing colors, your hair color can drastically affect your looks and make your skin tone look vibrant or dull.Well,How Do I Find The Best Hair Color For My Skin Tone?Keep scrolling to find out the most flattering hair color for your skin tone.

Before taking your pick of hair colors, you need to ID your skin’s undertones. Most people fall into one of three categories: warm, cool, and neutral. Figuring out where your complexion lies can seem confusing, but there are a few tips:

  1. Determine your skin’s true undertone

For a quick check, we recommend flipping your palm face up and taking a look at the veins in your hand and wrist. If your veins have a blue or purple hue, then you have cool undertones. If the veins have a greenish cast, you have warm undertones. If you can’t really say that they favor one shade over the other, then you likely have neutral undertones and therefore more choice.

  • 2. Depth of your eye color

The color of the eyes is another indicator,If your eyes are deep brown, black-brown, gray blue, dark blue or hazel with white, gray or blue flecks you look best with cool tones in your hair. However, if your eyes are golden brown, green, turquoise or hazel with gold or brown flecks you will look best with warm tones in your hair.

  • 3. Finding Your Best Hair Color Match

Pick a hair color shade that will highlight all of your best features!Our colorists suggest this rule of thumb to follow, Select a hair color tone that’s opposite of your skin undertones.So those with warm undertones might opt for a cooler color, and vice versa.The degree of importance varies from hair color to hair color, but it’s a good guideline to remember.And if you have neutral skin, you’re a lucky minority—everything looks good on you.

  • 4. Age factor

Softer colors look better as we age.Your skin is preparing to lose pigment as you age. Then, when your hair turns gray, your skin tone gets lighter.The right human hair weave color makes your eyes sparkle, your complexion come alive, and gives you an unbeatable boost of confidence.To get a colored human hair that puts a smile on your face every time you pass a mirror, it’s all about your skin tone.Find the shade that enhances your complexion and you’ve won the battle of colored hair!

Since your hair is right next to your face, picking the right shade can make your skin glow, and make you look years younger. To help make deciphering your skin tone a breeze–and get you a custom hair color that brings out the best in your complexion- follow our guide to your most flattering hair color!

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Hair color for tan skin

If your hair is naturally medium to dark brown, and you consider going blonde, We suggest a mix of darker and lighter blonde tones. Using different shades will add dimension and volume. Leaving your roots natural, the warmer shades in your lengths will create a gorgeous frame for your face.

Hair color for tan skin

Hair color for warm skin tone

For warmer undertones (think hints of yellow or orange), your ideal hair color should give your skin a healthy, natural-looking flush. Go for hues that are cool, ashy or have reddish tones, like honey or strawberry blondes, golden copper, cool beige brown and rich browns.

Hair color for warm skin tone

Best hair color for olive skin

Gorgeous olive skin tone works amazingly with this dark, cool brown hair.For olive skin, living in a more brunette family is preferable—and adding in a subtle highlight can really help to add dimension and open up a look.I wouldn’t really venture into blonde too much here, though I think keeping a darker base with hints of caramel or a honey blonde can really help to add incredible texture.Reddish-browns like chestnut, autumn, and cinnamon look great.Looking for a darker hue?Stick with warmer blacks, which can help cancel out any underlying pinkish tones and really smooth the appearance of the skin.

Best hair color for olive skin

Best hair color for dark skin

Striking the right contrast between your complexion and hair color is key. What you don’t want is your hair color to perfectly match your skin—your features will disappear. If your skin is warm or golden, beautiful shades of mahogany or copper bring out the sunniness in your skin. For cooler skin tones, accent your pinky-blue undertones with cool red browns or icy dark browns, and rich blacks.

Best hair color for dark skin

According to our find best hair color for my skin tone guide to choose the hair of the most suitable color, the above suggestions are only a reference, and the final decision is still in your hands. You can choose ombre straight hair or body wave colored hair, which is the two most popular human hair weave. I hope that you can spend every day happily.


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