How many steps are there to make a wig?

A good wig not only depends on the quality of the original hair material, but also has strict requirements on the processing procedures. Now, let me introduce you to a few correct procedures. So that you can try a nice frontal lace wig or a luxury full lace wig !!

How Many bundles of hair enough for a full head-06
How Many bundles of hair enough for a full head-06

Cutting material:

The length of the hair of the wig block hair material is very long at the beginning. There are various colors in the wig. It cannot be directly used to make a wig. It must be cut to the required length and selected the required color according to the production requirements. This process is called cutting.

Combing Hair:

The newly cut hair is messy and needs to be combed. At the same time, some mixed color wigs need to mix the colors evenly through this process. The tool for hair blowing is a relatively large steel tooth comb. The more you comb the hair, the smoother the hair.


How Many bundles of hair enough for a full head-06
How Many bundles of hair enough for a full head-06

Each wig has a weight regulation, too thick or too thin will not work. The staff needs to weigh and deliver according to the requirements of the drawings. The weight directly affects the following production process, so this process is very important. The pounded hair is discharged through three hair arranging machines connected together, and the hair can be neatly fixed and connected in a line to form a wig. During the process, make sure that the density of the hair is even, and there is no missing hair. Circumstances, this process played a vital role.


According to the needs of the hairstyle, use different size rolls to make wigs with different curvatures. The number of hair pieces in each curl should not be too much, so that the curling effect is good and the hairstyle durability is high. Adding the scalp is to cater to the natural and realistic needs of customers. First, design the size of the scalp, and then use a wrench to clamp the hair, and use the scalp machine to sew on the scalp one by one.


How Many bundles of hair enough for a full head-06
How Many bundles of hair enough for a full head-06

Put the arranged wig pieces on the wig cover piece by piece according to the number of rows in the wig block net, and you can not drive the wrong hair direction. Tear off the plastic film on the back of the wig, cut off the excess thread and stray wire in the inner net, and clean it up. Take care of the entire wig, including combing hairstyles, trimming bangs, braiding for styling, netting, etc.

For the production of wigs, each process is an important step. Only by not letting go of every production detail, can wigs with guaranteed quality and more exquisite styles be produced.


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