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How Much Are Real Hair Wigs?

Also known as human hair wigs. Many of you have been asking how much they cost. The price of real hair wigs is not the same in every online e-commerce store. Another factor that makes cost different is the brand. Well-known brands sell their wigs much higher than less-known brands.The average cost of real hair wigs is between $700 to $2000.


Wigs are made from a variety of different materials.

Human hair wigs

The human hair versions may call for special care but they allow you to come up with your own styles, just as you would with your own hair. Real hair lasts for several years. These wigs are expensive.

Synthetic hair wigs

Synthetic wigs are easier to take care of and come pre-styled; not a bad thing unless versatility is important to you. Synthetic hair lasts shorter than real hair. These wigs are relatively cheaper than human hair wigs.

human hair2
human hair2

The Price of Real Hair Wigs:

Human hair is highly sought after. It is the most costly type of hair due to limited supply. However, a human hair wig requires more maintenance such as continuous use of heat tools and styling products to reduce frizzing. There are also different qualities of human hair, each with a different price tag. For example, Remy human hair is more expensive than non-remy human hair.

Synthetic locks are the least pricey option and the easiest to manage. You can also choose heat friendly synthetic locks, which have the added bonus of no frizz plus the ability to modify your style using heat tools. Like human hair, there are different qualities of synthetic hair available, which affects the price of the wig.
Hair length can also play a part in the cost of a wig (especially if it is a human hair wig). Simply put, if the hair is longer, the wig is oftentimes more expensive.
Real human hair wigs cost do cost more. These are the best quality wigs so the cost can be higher than some other wig types. For some people, this is a worthwhile investment, though. As they love the look and feel of real hair and don’t mind the maintenance of human hair because of the gorgeous end result.


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color of hair wig
color of hair wig
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