How to choose the Best Wig Styles?

Are you buying a wig for the first time?

Your best choices are chin-length or longer wig styles, including hair that’s parted to the side, swept forward in layers around the upper part of your face, and even gently wispy bangs. A chin-length bob may be perfect for you since it creates a balanced look by giving fullness in all the right places.

It can seem a little daunting.

But, did you know…

Millions of people wear wigs every day—you’re definitely not alone. It’s quite possible that even your neighbors and colleagues wear wigs and you have no idea! That’s because today’s wigs look more natural and beautiful than ever before.

In fact, today’s top celebrities not only wear wigs on the red carpet and in movies, but also in everyday life, too. And even if this isn’t your first wig, you may learn some new tips that will assist you in choosing your next wig.

What type of wig looks the most natural?

For the most natural-looking wig, opt for one made of human hair.
There are two types of wigs: human hair and synthetic. As you might guess, human hair provides the most natural look. Because it’s real, it falls and swings the same way natural hair does. Plus, it can be styled—blow dried, curled, or ironed—like business as usual.


Still, there are different types of human hair.

European, which is a little finer, is the most sought-after and most expensive, says Norris. Indian, which is softer and has more texture, is also very popular, but a little less expensive. And Chinese hair, which tends to be thick and straight, is the least expensive and most prevalent, says Norris.

For a high-quality human hair wig, expect to pay about $200 to $500 (or more), says Norris. If that’s beyond your price point, don’t stress: Wigs have come a long way, and you can find a nice synthetic option for closer to $100.

It should also be full lace or lace front.

Both full lace and lace front wings have a very natural appearance, says Cynthia Lumzy, a wig colorist and Design.ME hair ambassador. Though lace-front is generally a bit more affordable than a full lace wig, it can be less breathable and even a bit itchy, says Norris. For the most flexibility—the ability to part the wig in multiple ways and wear updos—full lace is the best option, she says.

And, have a hand-tied monofilament cap.

Though more expensive due to the intricate manufacturing process, 100 percent hand-tied caps have the softest, lightest, most natural-looking construction, says Norris. This is because every single strand of hair is individually placed inside the lace cap by hand. The result is a wig that can be easily parted and mimics the look of your natural scalp.

What is the best wig for a woman?

Short Bob Hair Wig

Women who love long hair but also want to try short bob hairstyles can use this wig. The Short Bob Hair Wig is available in black, blonde, and dark brown any customize colors to suit different skin tones. This hair wig is made using high-quality human hair. It is straight. You can personalize the wig and create different styles by using curling. The hair is sewn on an adjustable, light, netting cap that fits an average size head. Adjust the hooks inside the wig as per your size, and you are good to go.

bob wig styles


  1. Made using 100% human hair
  2. Available in many different colors
  3. Flat iron and styling tools can be used to create different hairstyles.

613/Blond Wig

Women who want to sport a blonde long hair look can try the Blond Wavy Wig. It comes with a breathable lace wig cap. The adjustable strap offers the versatility of fitting the wig to different head sizes. Additionally, the wavy wig is soft and shiny. This human hair wig is available in blonde, black, brown, yellow, and red colors and other customized colors.

613/blonde wave wig style
613/blonde wave wig style


  1. Adjustable straps
  2. 100% human hair
  3. high quality lace cap, more breathable

What type of wig will fit my face?

This simple guide on face shape will help you decide on the perfect style for you:

Oval Face Shape Wig Styles for Oval Faces:

The oval face shape is typically narrower at the jaw with a gently rounded hairline and the length of your face is around one and half times the width. The oval face shape is considered the ‘ideal’ face shape as it is symmetrical with proportional features due to no dominant characteristics. If you have this face shape then you will suit almost any wig, so the choice is yours! The most flattering wig styles for oval faces are ones that sit away from your face to accentuate its shape. Think long bobs, with a fringe that falls to one side and away from the face, or mid length styles with layers so you can add volume for a flattering finish.

Square Face Shape Wig Styles for Square Faces:

The square face shape is characterized by a wide angular jaw which is the same width as the forehead. As you have a strong jawline and hairline it’s best to steer clear from straight, angular wig styles. What’s more, avoid straight styles that end at the jawline as they will overemphasize the angles of your face. Try and find a wig that adds height on the top to elongate your symmetrical shape and narrows at the sides, creating the illusion of length. Softening the face is key for a flattering look so opt for a layered or wavy style to break up the strong angles of your face. Furthermore, wigs that have a fringe work really well for square shaped faces, but ensure you find one with a longer hair length in order to compliment your face shape.

Round Face Shape Wig Styles for Round Faces:

A round face shape usually consists of a wide hairline and a circular form. Women with round faces are described as having a face that is relatively short and broad with fullness just under the cheekbones. The widest part of a round shaped face is where the cheeks and ears are situated. The best wigs for round face shapes are ones that create fullness and height at the crown and stay flattered at the cheekbones, to elongate the length of your face. Face frame wigs and wigs styles with an off centre parting also look great, as they help to soften the fullness in your cheeks. Avoid blunt cuts which round at the jawline, as this will mirror your face shape and add even more weight to the roundness at your jaw. Longer hair length wigs are a great choice for a round face shape, to complement the rounder parts of the cheeks and jawline.

Heart Face Shape Wig Styles for Heart Faces:

A heart face shape typically has a wide forehead, high angular cheekbones, and narrow chin, which looks like an upside down triangle. Often, heart shaped faces have a ‘widow’s peak hairline. This shape lends itself perfectly to the crop, tapered at the neck to emphasize your elfin features. Flattering wigs for heart shaped faces include styles with long wispy fringes that fall across the forehead. As well as this, styles that keep the hair close to the head when it reaches the eyes, including styles with longer layers, flatter this face shape well. Face framed wigs with layers or a bob also suit a heart shape, as it creates balance in the face and re-establishes symmetry. Try to avoid styles that have fullness and height at the crown as this will over accentuate a narrow chin and make the face look out of proportion.

Long Face Wig Styles for Long Faces:

Long face shapes tend to have narrow width and extended length, making the chin pointed. Usually, the forehead and jawline appear a similar width and the sides of the cheeks, particularly at the cheek line, are straight. Overall, for a long face shape, the idea is to add more width rather than height. A chin-length wig is a great look for a long face shape or a mid-length style that hits between the chin and shoulders. Keeping the style of the wig to waves and relaxed curls is an ideal way to add that width and volume that’s needed to add a balance to the face shape. A much shorter hair length can compliment long faces too, just be sure to have short enough layers to add some volume and stick to soft, curved edges rather than straight.


The best wigs for round face shapes are ones that create fullness and height at the crown and stay flattered at the cheekbones, to elongate the length of your face. Face frame wigs and wigs styles with an off centre parting also look great, as they help to soften the fullness in your cheeks.

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