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Every girl all dreamed to wear colored lace front wig. Have you ever colored your blonde lace front wig at home by yourself? During the quarantine time, people can not go into the hair salon to do the hairstyle and colored their own human hair lace front wig? This text will teach you how to colored your blonde human hair lace front wig home? Follow this text. You will get this skill.

What will you need for coloring?
Quality Blonde Lace Front Wig, Dying box, dye agent, dye hair brush

How to colored blonde wig?

When you have the idea to colored your blonde wig, you need to consider what color are you going to colored, whether is this color can suit your skin tone. Then prepared everything we are you need in this coloring process.

Step 1. Do not wash the blonde lace front wig before you are going to colored it. You can apply your lace front wig on the mannequin head. Then use the wide comb to brush it gently from the top to bottom. Make sure there is no tangling knots.
Step 2. Pure the dye agent to a bowl. Mixing with some warm water, you use a sticker stir it gently. Make sure the dye agent melt to perfect. You can apply the coloring on little strand to test it before you are colored for the full head.
Step 3. This is the most important step which divides the whole hair into a few parts before coloring your whole lace wig. After you divide the hair into small part, you can use the brush coloring it one part by one part. In this way it will be coloring more uniform. We recommend once you finished one part coloring, you can use the aluminum foil to cover it up. Then left it within 10-15 mins. Let the coloring melt into the hair strands.
Step 4. Once you finished the coloring, then use the warm water wash it gently. After washing the color, massage all unused dye mixtures into your hair in the shower. Wait for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse your hair again until the water is clear. Get ready to enjoy the dazzling light and super blend of colors!
Step 5. After you washing out all the colors out from your hair. That is necessary to do the deep condition with agan oil or coco oil. Doing deep conditions will help you keep your human hair wig more health and last longer. Then you can start your colorful life.

Have you got the skill how to color blonde lace wig? This method also be using on the natural color long inch lace front wig short hair wig. In summer, most of the beauty would like to try colored wig. Do you what color suit for you? If you do not what color are you going to try? We recommend you can rock red lace front wig, that is easy to control. Go and star you colorful life with colorful wigs.

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