How to make the baby hair of wigs?

How to make the baby hair of wigs
How to make the baby hair of wigs

You’ve got your brand-new lace front wig, but you suddenly realize it there are no baby hairs on it. You could wait to wear it and take it to a wig stylist, OR you can follow our tips below to learn all about how to make a wig with baby hair edges.

If you’re new to lace front wigs, or wigs for baby hair in general, getting your baby hairs just right is important for making your wig look natural. Wigs that haven’t been plucked and don’t have baby hairs tend to be very dense at the hairline, making the unit look unnatural when it’s installed. A perfectly plucked wig gives a more gradual hairline that mimics the look of your natural hair.

Some units come pre-plucked and with baby hairs, but you can also customize it further to give your wig its own unique edge. And it takes just a couple of simple tools to get started!

Best Tools for Getting Perfect Baby Hairs

How to make the baby hair of wigs
How to make the baby hair of wigs

Having the right tools is the first place to start for how to make baby hairs on a lace front wig. You probably have most of these already, but if not, these are great tools to have on hand especially if you plan on investing in other human hair wigs in the future. Virgin, human hair lace front wigs, and other units give you the most versatility when it comes to styling coloring and overall longevity. If you’re taking the time to customize your wig’s baby hairs you want only the best!

To get the best lace front wig, grab these tools and let’s get started:

  • Human hair lace front wig
  • Rat tail comb.
  • Sharp scissors
  • Hair clips
  • Tweezers
  • Spoolie brush
  • got2b styling gel (or other preferred gel)
  • Scarf
  • Wig head (optional)

4 Steps for How to Make Baby Hair Edges

You’ve got everything you need to become your own wig stylist, so here comes the fun part: creating baby hairs. Our guide below is for you ladies that are prepping the unit ahead of time, but you can also learn how to create baby hairs on a lace front wig while installing the unit, too. We’ve broken this down into four easy-to-follow steps that take you from creating the part to laying your edges down just right.

Trim the Lace

Creating baby hairs on a lace front wiq starts with cutting the lace from the wig if it hasn’t been cut previously. When you get a lace front wiq, there is excess lace that can be used to pull the wig onto your head before customization. But you don’t want or need all that lace, so trim your lace front wig to match the shape of your natural hairline.

When cutting the lace, you can place the unit on a wią head, or onto your own head. Placing it on your own head can make it easier to trim according to your natural hairline.

Leave a very small amount of lace exposed so you don’t cut into the knots and you have a small bit of lace to hold onto when you install later.

Create the Part

How to make the baby hair of wigs
How to make the baby hair of wigs

Before you pluck and cut, create the desired part in your lace front wiq. You want to do this first because it will help guide the way you pluck anc trim your baby hairs. You can also pluck along the part to give it a more natural look. Here’s a couple of things to remember when parting your wig:

  • Make sure your natural hair is flat to your head before placing the unit on to create the part.
  • Use a rat tail or fine-tooth comb to precisely pull hair in the desireddirection
  • You can only part the hair where lace is present
  • You can part down the center or to one side.
  • Use mouse to comb the hair down flat and clearly define the part before trimming baby hairs

Separate Baby Hairs

Using the pointed edge of your comb, pull very small, thin sections of hair away from the rest of the wig (this will become baby hair). Do this along the entire hairline, or wherever you want to have baby hairs, being mindful of how it will blend with the part you created. It’s helpful to pull hair back into clips so baby hairs don’t get mixed into the rest of your unit while cutting

Cut Baby Hairs

Squeeze a section of hair between your fingers and pull it taut. Using sharp scissors or a razor comb, trim the hair, leaving about one inch of baby hair to style later. Scissors will give a clean edge, whereas a razor comb will be more jagged for a natural look

Even if you’re going for a more natural look with your baby hairs, you’ll want to style them so they’re not just sticking out after cutting. Styling is done after the unit is installed, so if you’re not ready to install just yet, skip this step.

Plucking the Hairline of Your Lace Front Wig

baby hair
baby hair

Part of learning how to create baby hair edges is plucking. Much high-quality, virgin human hair wigs like Mayvenn’s come pre-plucked around the hairline, so you don’t have to do it yourself. But, if your unit is not pre-plucked, you may want to take a little extra time to pluck the edges. Even if it is pre-plucked, you may want to further customize for your hairline.

Wigs have a hard line where the hair begins, which looks, well, like a wig If you look at your natural hairline, it gradually gets denser towards the crown of your head. Additionally, there are areas around your hairline, like the temples of your forehead, where the hair tends to be thinner.

If you decide to pluck, cut your baby hairs first so you have an idea of what your wig will look like with them and so you don’t over pluck potential baby hairs. Make sure you don’t pluck the lace, which can easily tear if pulled with tweezers.

How to Create Edges from Baby Hairs: Styling Options

There are a number of ways to style baby hairs, from intricate spirals to a natural swoop into your hairline, but there are a couple of essentials you’ll need to get started:

  • a) Use a spoolie brush or toothbrush
  • b) Your favorite styling gel to smooth your baby hair
  • c) Rattail comb
  • d) Scarf or tie to secure edges 

Tips to Create charming hair look with baby hair

How to make the baby hair of wigs
How to make the baby hair of wigs

Comb baby hair

Usually, maintain a toothbrush with you to comb your baby hair. A toothbrush is an excellent tool that lets you in maintaining your baby hair company in one area.

Style short baby hairs

You can also fashion your brief infant hairs inside the form of waves. This fashion is too well-known these days and is used as a splendor signal by using many celebrities as properly.

Cut short baby hair for straight hair

You’ve bought long and immediate hair, please fashion brief toddler hairs alongside the front of the threshold of your hair wig. Use a styling product or comb to smoothen child hairs directly down. It suits your hairstyle and brings a stunning look.

Make curly baby hair

Take a small quantity of hair gel and observe it in the infant hairs of your lace front wig’s side. Then you definitely wrap the hair around your arms to create earrings. Try and keep away from the use of heating tools to style or make toddler hair on closure wig or frontal as it can burn the hair greater without difficulty.

Style baby hairs in waves

To get this look, you need the assistance of gel to preserve the hair. Use a satisfactory-toothed comb to shape the waves and follow hair gel. Don’t forget to cut short infant hairs around your hairline so that it looks herbal.

The baby hair of each lace wig by ANWIG human hair Lace Hair Wigs are hand-tied one by one around the lace edges with a bleached double knot at the base to avoid excessive shedding creating the perfect illusion of a flawless natural hairline.

In the following video, we will show different types of baby hair, and you can look at it for reference.


1000 wig (2) Baby Hair (3) beginners wig (3) Bleached Knots (2) Braids (3) Brazilian Hair (5) Camouflage Knots (2) care wigs (5) Dye Hair (3) Evolution of Wigs (2) Extension (3) full lace wig (7) full lace wigs (2) hair (6) Hairline (3) hairstyle (5) Halloween wig (2) high quality hair (3) Human Hair (8) human hair lace wig (2) human hair lace wigs (3) Human Hair Wigs (13) Install wig (2) Lace closures (3) Lace Front Wig (11) lace front wigs (7) Lace Wig (5) lace wigs (6) Looking natural hair (2) loose wave (2) Natural Looking Wigs (5) natural wig (2) Real Hair (2) Remy Hair (4) Single Knots (2) Straighten (2) Straight Hair (3) Synthetic Wigs (3) Transparent Lace (2) Virgin Hair (6) Virgin Remy hair (2) Wearing Wigs (4) Wear Wigs (4) Wholesale (2) Wigs (16)

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