How To Pluck A Wig For The Perfect-Looking Wig With Baby Hair?

How To Pluck A Wig For The Perfect-Looking Wig With Baby Hair?




In modern life, along with food, clothes, people focus more on skin and hair. As a result, there are more and more beauty products in the markets. For skin, we have skincare products, makeup products, etc. For hair, we have conditioner, shampoo, oil for hair, etc. To have a different change in appearance, people come to wigs. Wigs help us solve many problems. You have thin hair or baldness, get a wig. You want to change hair without applying hair styling tools, get a wig, etc. When wearing wigs, we often do not want people to know it. Therefore, they try to make wigs look natural. One of the most common methods is to pluck wigs. Let’s read our article today on Anwig to see what this method is and how to pluck a wig easily by yourself at home.

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What Is “Plucked Wig” And Why To Pluck A Wig?

One difference between real hair and wig is density. The density of wigs looks the same everywhere, which makes them unnatural. Meanwhile, your real hair has different lengths. For example, baby hair around your hairline is shorter. The reason is that you lose hair and have new hair everyday. Plucking a wig is to create the baby hairs and perfect hairline. A plucked wig looks more natural and realistic.

How To Pluck A Wig For The Perfect-Looking Wig With Baby Hair?
pre-plucked wig

Now, we can find a plucked wig with a higher price. However, if you bought a wig which has not been plucked, do not worry. Just be positive because you have saved some money.

Now, let’s change this wig a bit. We will give you some simple steps on how to pluck a wig, even for beginners in the next part so that you can pluck a wig quickly at home.

How To Pluck A Wig?

We often think that what you need to pluck a lace front wig are a lace wig and scissors. Actually, we also need a Styrofoam wig stand, pins, tweezers to make the process easier.

Now, it is time to pluck a wig:

– Firstly, you have to check your wig size again. Make sure that the wig you bought fits your head before you pluck it because once you pluck, you cannot change it anymore. The incorrect size makes you feel uncomfortable when using it. Too small wigs can cause headache, while too big wigs can be blown off by the wind.

– You need to take some of your natural hairline’s pictures. After that, you follow these pictures to make a wig look like your real hair as much as possible.

– Now, put your wig on a Styrofoam wig stand. This step helps keep it stabilize, so you will pluck it easily. Remember to pin it down by using pins.

How To Pluck A Wig For The Perfect-Looking Wig With Baby Hair?
how to pluck a wig

– As we have mentioned above, the wig hairline has pretty density and we have to change it. You should separate your hair wig into two parts, then use tweezers to pluck each side of your hair: from one side to the other. Do not pluck too much hair. It is essential to try to pluck a bit. If you think it is enough, stop doing it. If you think you need more, repeat these steps until you feel it suitable.

– Let’s see your hairline’s pictures. In fact, nobody owns straight hairlines and you too. You will create a wig like your real hairline thanks to the pictures.

– Make sure that you do not skip any hairline on your hair wig: hairline in the middle on your head (to separate two parts), behind hairlines, front hairline and hairlines around the wig.

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Tips For Beginners

– If you are not sure that you can pluck a wig because you have never done it before, you can ask an experienced person to do it for you to avoid mistakes.

– Besides plucking a wig, you can also style your wig such as make bangs, cut hair wig, or dye hair wig, etc. according to your hobby because sometimes, you cannot find a wig you like best. Remember that you can dye a human hair wig only. If you are not confident in your ability, going to the salon or asking an experienced person to help is a good idea.

– Some wigs have dark colour lace which looks unnatural. Therefore, you can bleach it a bit.

– If you are finding where to buy a wig, think about us. Anwig can give you human hair wigs made by 100% Vietnamese and Cambodian human hair, so our wigs look very natural. Although human hair wigs are more expensive, they can help you avoid the limits of synthetic wigs. If you take care of your wigs regularly with special products, its lifespan can last long.

How To Pluck A Wig For The Perfect-Looking Wig With Baby Hair?
pre-plucked wigs at Anwig

Besides, you will not suffer from hot feeling when wearing wigs because your scalp can breathe easily. Additionally, you have to choose carefully your hairstyle and hair colour before buying a synthetic wig, but with human hair wigs, you can change their styles and colours. We can provide you with different styles with different colours and different lengths. If you use wigs for the first time, do not worry. Your questions about our products are always welcome such as how to wear wigs, how to preserve wigs, some problems when wearing and solutions, etc.

To make sure that our products have high quality, please see the feedback on Anwig website. Low-quality products not only cannot work effectively but also can cause some side effects.

To conclude

Wigs were born to serve our beauty purposes. However, the more it looks like real hair, the more beautiful it is. We hope that the information about how to pluck a wig will help you make your wig more natural, then you will feel more confident when wearing it. Please send us your questions and comments. We always try to answer them soon. Moreover, wearing wigs regularly does not mean that you ignore your real hair. Therefore, do not forget to take care of your real hair. For more hair care topics, please visit our website. In case you want to buy our wigs, contact us immediately via hotline or email. 

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