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If you are buying straight hair and you want to create a curly hair style or you want to restore the curly hair that has been deformed after wearing it, we do not recommend that you create too small curls for the above two points. Then the usual good-looking curly hair style can be built as follows:

Smooth the knots on our real human hair wigs, and then divide the hair into several parts—the smaller part is suitable for tighter curls, and the larger part is suitable for larger curls. It is more appropriate to adjust the curling iron to a temperature of 150-180, then use the curling iron to clamp a small amount of hair and then wrap it around the curling iron until the hair is completely hot, then you can loosen the curling iron and repeat the operation. Note that only real human hair can be dyed again, and chemical fiber hair will be burned by the curling iron!

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