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Factory wholesale price new product ponytail wig natural black high-quality hair cover, No shedding, Double weft 100%Healthy Hair





Factory wholesale price new product ponytail wig natural black high-quality hair cover, No shedding, Double weft 100%Healthy Hair

Color#1B Natural Black
Size8-26 inch in stock
Feature1. Cut from different young girls

2. Unprocessed, cuticle aligned, and intact

3. No tangle, no shedding, no lice, no smell

4. Smooth and soft

5. Thick and healthy ends

TextureLoose Wave
MOQ1 bundle
PaymentPaypal, western union, bank transfer, etc
ShipmentStock orders will be shipped out within 48h after receiving payment.

2-3 working days to US/Europe

4-5 woking days to Africa

Product number
1B/Natural black
Use Period
More than 1 years if protect carefully
No Shedding. No Tangle. Soft. Shiny
Double weft, Hair with Thick end
Hair Texture
Body wave
1.How to Control Hair Quality? Control of raw materials: Purchasing raw materials through a professional team, using girls’ original hair as materials. Sorted and classified by professionals, first of all, control the color of raw materials to ensure that it is based on the most natural raw hair. Then wash and choose to ensure that the cuticles of the hair scales are in the same direction. Disinfection drying for longer life. Finally, the stylist designs and shapes women’s hairstyles in various styles.
2. How to Distinguish Real Human Hair? Burned human hair has a unique odor, mainly derived from the smell of protein and calcium, non-irritating. Burning ashes are black spherical particles, broken by hand twisting.
3.What are Characteristics After Washing Cuticle Hair in the same direction? Complete cuticle aligned human hair washing is simple and fast, you can use ordinary shampoo, no knots in the water, not frizzy after washing, you can rub at will, after washing, the complete cuticle aligned human hair has good luster, not easy to deform, and finally use conditioner for two minutes.
4. What are Characteristics After Dyeing Cuticle Hair in the same direction? When complete cuticle aligned human hair is dyed, the cuticle on the hair are dyed slowly, and the tail fades slowly, which requires more professional hairstylists to observe and operate. After dyeing, the color is brighter, the luster is better, and the hair is not easy to be dry. It is the first choice for professional hairstylists. Because it is complete cuticle aligned human hair, the service life is more than 10 times that of regular human hair.
5. What are Characteristics After Ironing Cuticle Hair in the same direction? Because the hair cuticles, fur texture, and hair pith are well preserved, the toughness is good, and the direction of the hair cuticles is the same, complete cuticle aligned human hair is more resistant to acids and alkalis when perming, and is not easily damaged, can be made in various styles, with high toughness, good elasticity, luster and long-lasting hairstyle. 6. How to Maintain Hair? Firstly, afraid of strong acid corrosion, hair cuticles will be shrink. Secondly, afraid of strong alkali burning, hair cuticles will be destroyed. Therefore, the perm-dyeing potion has great damage to the hair cuticles. You should use weak alkaline shampoos and conditioners to maintain your hair.

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Weight0095-0.1 kg

#1B/Natural Black


16 inch

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Brazilian Hair – Bundle