Retailer Spotlight: High Maintenance Salon – Anwig beauty your hair

7040 Windstone Blvd., Ste 100

Olive Branch, MS 38672

Facebook: High Maintenance Salon @hmsalon

Instagram: @highmaintenanceonline

You started as a hair salon. What inspired you to transition into hair replacement?

I did hair extensions for years and 80% of my consultations were dealing with issues of thinning on top of the head and hair extensions would not fix those situations. I hated telling people there was nothing I could do or that I didn’t know anything about the issues they were having so I sought out training in hair systems for men and women.

What, in your opinion, made the transition so successful?

Constantly continuing my education and doing as much “hands-on” as possible and really listening to clients’ needs and concerns to help find them the best solutions.

What kind of services do you offer?



Hair extensions



Long hair bonding

Full head bonding

Custom coloring and cutting on wigs, toppers, and hair systems

What advice would you give to someone looking to purchase wig / topper for the first time?

Spend a little more to get the best quality and make sure your Stylist is good with properly cutting and blending your add-on hair.

What is your favorite ANWIG piece?

I LOVE the Easipart French. I sell more of those than anything. It is a great introduction to add-on hair. Even clients not experiencing hair loss love these for a little something extra or a quick fix for “day 3 hair” or past due color appointments.

You are now CORE certified, what would you say to someone who has not yet attended?

CORE is great name for this course because it really breaks down some of the most important basic or “CORE” information/tidbits regarding ordering, hair quality, origin, & Remy vs non-Remy. This industry-wide information/knowledge usually takes years of experience to learn or acquire and it is broken down very simply to help with dealing/ordering from ANWIG or any other manufacturer in the industry.

What changes have you seen in our industry in the past 5 years?

Hair loss and replacement is starting to be discussed a lot more in the salons. People are looking to stylists more and more for hair loss solutions. In turn, social media has made people more open to talking about their issues, experience, and solutions along with systems that they may be using or wearing. Hair restoration and traditional hair salons have always been separated. And we are seeing it want to fuse together more and more in the near future.

What do you believe is ONE of your success factors?

I truly care about helping people and will problem solve until we find the best solution for the individual. I listen and am compassionate and love making people feel great about themselves.

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