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How long have you been in the alternative hair business?

Nearly 20 years!

What inspired you to work in this business?

There was a need in this industry to represent alternative hair online in more than just a catalogue of pictures (which looked a bit like mug shots back then). Since wig boutiques are not readily available to everyone, we wanted to bring an instore experience to women via the internet. We wanted to give a better chance for a more accurate and positive experience for everyone looking for wigs, hair pieces, and extensions.

What is special or unique about the shopping experience on

We provide a level of expertise in how we show the product and educate the customer on what may be right for them. We put lots of resources in to creating video and photographs to help our clients get a great idea of what they are getting before they buy. Listening to our client feedback (which I read each one!) and applying that feedback to continually improve our front and backend service.

What advice would you give someone looking to purchase a wig or topper for the first time online?

There are so many products to choose from which can be overwhelming! It is important to determine the right size first! Measure your head or the area where you want to add hair to determine what items will be right for you. Then, honestly determine your lifestyle needs. In order to determine whether human hair or synthetic hair is best for you, it is important to figure out how much time and effort are you willing or able to commit to care and preparation of your hair each day. Budget is also a factor. Once you have determined these important factors, it is easier to navigate or drill down to items which only fall in your category. Each of us go about finding our match in a different way, but I would recommend finding the style you would like first ( I always suggest staying with the style and color you are already most comfortable with in the beginning… then venture our a little more later as there are so many options which may work beautifully). It is important to know that you may not feel like the style looks good or even natural when you first put a wig or a topper on for the first time… but it is usually only because you are not used to seeing yourself with perfect full hair initially. This is normal! Give it time.. wear it around the house and to places you feel comfortable and safe to go. Those who know you best will also be taken back at the change. However, it only means it looks different … not wrong! So many women give up at this point when perfect hair is just around the comfort zone from there! So give it a chance. It will definitely make a positive difference!

What is your favorite ANWIG piece?

Zara! Aside from the fact that the style is amazing and is the epitome of the perfect long style… it is also my daughter’s name!

You are CORE certified; what would you say to someone who has not yet attended?

It is a must have tool if you are serious about helping clients have the best experience with wigs and hairpieces. You never know what you don’t know! It gives you the confidence to truly know your stuff and with that confidence you will help so many clients… and your business!

What changes have you seen in our industry in the past 5 years?

Because of the amazing innovations in the industry (fiber, cap construction, ready to wear lace front improvements) alternative hair has become extremely natural and thus more undetectable. With this… the client has come to not only expect more, but is now able to get it! Now, so many women are wearing hair out of pure want and not necessarily just need. It has become more of an accessory to our look and wardrobe. Of course it doesn’t hurt that so many celebs are proudly wearing and talking about wigs and hair extensions like their looks depends on them… actually…. They kind of do!

How do you see our industry evolving in the next 5 years?

I think the increasing demand has no end in sight. Not only are the innovations such that the hair is looking more flawless and easier to wear… but women in general are experiencing hair loss and thinning earlier in life due to toxins we are exposed to daily. This coupled with the broader acceptance of wearing hair as an accessory is contributing to the mainstreaming of alternative hair.

What do you believe is one of your success factors?

We care! We are so dedicated to bring more (education, selection, options, images and services) to our clients. This compels us to keep striving to improve on all fronts…Putting so much time and effort in to creating the best website experience and backend services to make the changes needed to keep getting better.

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