Texturizing & Cutting Curly Hair Solutions with Ashley Brown

Do you struggle to create soft, diffused haircuts in curly hair? The Air Cut may be the solution! While many stylists choose a freehand, art-based approach to cutting textured hair (also called curl-by-curl cutting), the Air Cut is a science-based approach. There’s still plenty of artistry, but this technique uses the science of texture to … Read more

What does blue shampoo do – Anwig Beauty Hair

Home » Hair Color What does blue shampoo do Picture this: you’re a brunette, excited to have highlights put in your hair, only to have a color that’s too orange for your liking. So you start to freak out and look for ways to fix it. Relax, breathe out. There’s always a solution. .medrectangle-3-multi-143{border:none !important;display:block … Read more