61 African American Hairstyles for Women Over 50

African American hairstyles continue dominating the fashion industry as far as hairstyles are concerned. These hairstyles are incorporated by top personalities across the globe. Additionally, these hairstyles vary in terms of design, color, length and description. Generally, there are two events you are likely to attend; namely casual or official. These two events require different … Read more

36 African American Hairstyles For Gorgeous Appearance – Anwig human hair lace wigs Beauty Hair

African American hairstyles for women are always recognized to be stylish and fashionable. There are quite a few haircuts that have attained massive reputation recently. The haircuts are highly on demand. Lots of people are looking forward to have these kinds of haircuts. Updos, Curls, Twists and Braids are all among the high-flying hairstyles this … Read more

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The 8 Best Dandruff Shampoos For African-American Hair 

Curls, loops, spirals, coils, or zig zags, African-American hair has an unparalleled uniqueness that is hard to match. The thick and coarse texture of Afro-American hair with strong roots although represents timeless cultural beauty also seeks to cry out for extra care and maintenance. This is because curly or kinky hair is coily and round … Read more

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American Hair Loss Council Posted: Friday, April 27th, 2018 This past weekend, our very own hair replacement specialist and founder Patricia Wrixon attended the annual AHLC Conference in Nashville, Tennesee to bring the latest trends and updates in the hair replacement industry back to our hair replacement center here in Boston. What is The American Hair Loss … Read more

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Contents Black women love their weaves The reason behind popularity among African American hair weave ladies Women wear weaves as protective styles Overcoming black hair prone to breakage  Weave liberate black women’s time What is the best type of African American Hair Weave? The truth about African American hair weave’s popularity. The topic of hair … Read more

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There are a lot of different cultures all over the world. Every culture has significant features. Additionally, the people of each culture has various way to express their culture. Example, the black people usually braid their hair and has short curly hair. The Vietnamese people are proud of Palm-leaf conical hat and ao dai. And … Read more