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STYLES AVAILABLE IN THE NEW CALIFORNIA BLONDES: Petite Cap: Carrie, Blake Average Cap: Angie, Blake, Carrie, Gwyneth, Jennifer, Kim, Margot,  Sienna Hey gorgeous! Soooooooo, many of us are still playing catch up and awaiting the gorgeous styles in synthetic hair that we love from JON RENAU, with these exciting new blonde shades that just took over the wiggy … Read more

Colour matching tricky blondes: Blonde highlighted hair | Anwig Beauty Hair

When it comes to colour matching for clients, some are certainly more challenging than others. There is no question that arriving at the door of a client with black hair is set to be a much simpler process than a client with blonde highlights, however there are steps you can take to deal with this issue.

So, as a hypothetical situation you arrive at a client’s home, and see that she has blonde hair with a number of different highlights. As an example we have chosen a picture of Jennifer Aniston, famous for her character Rachel Green in NBC show Friends, and someone who regularly changes her hair, however always sticks to a variation of blonde highlights and lowlights. After discussing the extensions with your client you pull out your colour ring and struggle to match as confidently as you might when matching a brunette for instance. There is no need to be disheartened however, as there is a solution to this problem.

Firstly, you need to identify which colours are a close match to your client’s hair using your chosen colour ring. You may not be able to get an exact match straight away due to the mix of colours, but there will always be a close match.

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How To Colour Match Blonde Hair Extensions | Anwig Beauty Hair

Colour matching is a fundamental element in achieving natural looking hair extensions for a client, therefore it is of the utmost importance that as a technician you understand the different elements to consider when matching different hair colours. Blonde in particular can be a difficult colour to master, and here we will discuss the different … Read more

Honey blonde wigs for african american&Why the blonde wig? – Anwig Beauty Hair

Blonde wig comes in many colors and designs.Wigs have become an important fashion item for ladies all over the world for several reasons. They are suitable for different people and they have their own unique styles. One of several different blonde wig designs, one of which is very popular and happens to be blonde. Blonde … Read more