How to Create the Perfect ‘Blow Out’ with a Hair Dryer – Anwig human hair lace wigs Beauty Hair

The hair is every woman’s crowning glory. This much is obvious, especially if a woman has amazing hair. Getting the perfect hair for many means regularly going on trips to the salon to get that perfect “blow out” hair. It has perplexed women through the years why they can’t seem to replicate a professional’s “blow … Read more

Choosing A Professional Blow Dryer + Blow Drying Tips

Sam Villa utilizes patented Evolution -Turbo Compressor technology to blow stylists away with an ergonomically correct blow dryer that delivers intense power and airflow in a quiet, incredibly light dryer. The E-T.C. Light Professional Ionic Hair Dryer is designed for minimum effort and maximum results. Stylists have been asking me to develop a blow dryer … Read more

How to Blow Dry Short Hair with Strong Growth Patterns [VIDEO]

Blow drying short hair with cowlicks and/or erratic growth patterns can be extremely challenging! In this video, Andrew Carruthers, Cultural Ambassador for Sam Villa® shares professional blow drying tips that will take your short hair finishing to the next level! Recommended products for this technique: Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer Sam Villa Short Cutting … Read more