What You Need to Know about Hair Extensions: What is Virgin Hair? – Anwig Beauty Hair

Opting for virgin hair extensions when browsing through the products of leading companies like Her Hair Company is a smart choice for the woman who’s looking for the best and most-stylish option for weaves or extensions. However, do you really know all there is to know about virgin hair? Can you even tell the difference?

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Introducing Spectrum's Training Academy | Anwig Beauty Hair

So, by now you probably know all about our hair extensions at Anwig. You know they’re made of double-drawn, ethically sourced human hair that’s gently treated. You also know that they’re expertly applied by our trained stylists for a look that leaves people guessing. You know a lot.

This is all well and good, but recently we’ve been thinking about something you don’t know; the one thing that we haven’t shared with our lovely customers. So, what have we been hiding? Well, let us tell you…

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