Lace Frontal Professional Installation and Repair Service

Lace Frontal Installation Looking for the best frontal installation and repair service in Atlanta Ga. Our licensed stylist are trained to performed amazing work on processing your lace frontal and installation. All services include wash, steam hydration, braid down, plucked and bleach knots, installation with latest adhesives and cut and style. We also require bi-weekly … Read more

Lace Front Wig Costs – What To Know Before You Buy – Anwig Beauty Hair

Lace Front Wig Costs Lace front wigs have been around forever.  They’re basically just the front piece of the wig where it meets your natural hair line. They are called “lace” because they are literally made from French or Swiss lace. Originally created for women going through hair loss, they’re incredibly easy to put on … Read more

Lace Closure and OtAnwig Options: Attaching Hair Extensions to Your Head – Anwig Beauty Hair

Long hair has been an obsession with women for a long time; wigs and other hair pieces have been used throughout the ages as a way to artificially increase hair length while natural locks were still growing. A recent example would be hats with artificial hair velcroed into the underside and the hat could then … Read more