5 Best Scalp Psoriasis Treatments to Help You Control Flare-Ups

From the embarrassing flaking to the continuous need to itch, dealing with scalp psoriasis (suh-rye-ah-sis) can be very frustrating and can even lower self-esteem. Although there isn’t a cure for scalp psoriasis (which sucks), the great news is that there are products and scalp psoriasis treatments you can use to control your flare-ups. What Is … Read more

7 Vegan Foods to Eat for Healthy Hair – Anwig human hair lace wigs Beauty Hair

Vegans are those people who avoid animal products like – red and white meats, fish, prawns, other water creatures, eggs, dairy products, honey, and cochineal (insect products). They are more indulged in fruits, vegetables, pulses, herbs, loaves of bread and rice, nuts and seeds, virgin olive oil, and flaxseed, busting foods with vegetable protein and … Read more

Sisterlock Hairstyle: Guide & Hairstyle Examples – Anwig Beauty Hair

Traditional African hairstyles are always admired for their remarkable and excellent craftsmanship. Sisterlocks obtained with the interlocking method look fascinating. The style, obtained in thin and multiple locks, comes in a variety of shapes and offers more than one option. Sisterlock style is a choice that takes a long time to make and you have … Read more

Try Out New Hairstyles with Ponytail Extensions and Discover All The Secrets | Anwig Beauty Hiar

High or low, easy or elaborated, straight, wavy, curly or super curly, the ponytailis just an evergreen, perfect at any age and that keeps you elegant and in order, a put together and effortless hairstyle to be fashion and sleek in any special occasion or just in your everyday life. From street-style yo the most … Read more


My hair is one of the best assets that I have. I have kept it long for years because I’m afraid to cut it short since based on experience sporting short hair was never going to be flattering to my round face. I have tried to have it in layers, did have a full or … Read more