What Does "Remy" vs "Non-Remy" Human Hair Mean? – Anwig Beauty Hair

What does “Remy” vs “Non-Remy” hair mean? In the wig and hair extension industry, the term “Remy” has been misunderstood for a long time. It is also mis-used industry wide. The hair industry is very competitive, and these these terms are used for advertising and marketing on a large scale. Sometimes customers are mis-led during … Read more

Her Hair Company Discusses Facts about Virgin Remy Hair Extensions – Anwig Beauty Hair

Hair extensions have become a styling staple to the fashion and beauty industry, and almost every woman has worn hair extensions at some point. Hair extensions come in multiple varieties, but the one that is most widely favored by style icons is Remy hair. Her Hair Company, a leading provider of hair extensions, offers virgin quality … Read more

The Characteristics and Benefits that Remy Hair Extensions Offer You – Anwig Beauty Hair

There are numerous types of hair extensions on the market, but one of the most premium types is Remy hair extensions. In order for hair to be termed as “Remy,” the hair must have come from a human’s head, and all the cuticles of the hair must remain intact. When all the cuticles are intact, unaltered … Read more

Difference Between Virgin Remy and Non-Virgin Hair – Anwig Beauty Hair

Remy Hair   Remy or Remi is not a brand name. The term refers to the characteristics in the collection of the hair. Everything Wigs selects premium quality un-damaged, healthy Remy hair. The hair is shinier, softer, more durable and has a longer life than non-Remy hair. Non virgin Remy has been chemically processed typically … Read more