Adele no makeup – The real moments of the veteran singer – Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs how to pluck a wig

As a fan of music, you cannot forget Adele with her outstanding hits. The veteran singer with her powerful and emotional voice has conquered the heart of music lovers all around the world. The owner of numerous music awards has built up a remarkable career since her debut in 2006. Being a super famous singer, … Read more

Five Ways to do a Bantu Knot Out (Videos) – Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs how many hairs on a human head?

So, Rihanna had us thinking about bantu knots last week when she accepted handfuls of awards at the first annual I Heart Radio Awards. The pop star rocked a gothic look, complete with black lace and green lipstick but it was the bantu knots that she topped the look off with that got people talking. … Read more

This Natural Has Not Used Conditioner In Over 5 Years – "Nothing Bad Happened So I Kept Skipping The Conditioner" – Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs – full lace 360 wig

You ever have a conversation with someone and they say something that makes you think something must be wrong with your ears? The other day I was having a conversation with Whitney Barnard who is the founder of the beauty brand Purely Bias and she said she doesn’t use conditioner. I was like, come again!? … Read more

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“Gorgeous in Gray” is a popular beauty blogger with relaxed hair who actually started graying at the age of 14. Recently she was featured on Allure where she shared how she felt about having gray hair so early and how she takes care of her relaxed hair now. She shared that “Gray hair was just … Read more

This Woman Received A Relaxer After 2 Years And The Results Were Terrible – "I Almost lost it all" – Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs – full lace 360 wig

In a pretty interesting vlog-style video Youtuber Samira Rufai shared with her subscribers that after two years she decided it was time to get a relaxer. Just to provide a little background, Samira Rufai, is a Ghanaian based YouTuber, who uses her platform to make videos about Fashion, Lifestyle, Hair, Beauty, Travel, and more. Now … Read more

Top 15 Dorothy Hamill Haircuts and Hairstyles | Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs – how many hairs on a human head?

Dorothy Hamill is a figure skater who is very famous in the world as she is a trendsetter for most women with her medium-length haircuts. She always maintained a shortcut after her retirement from sports. Hamill herself is the inventor of Dorothy Hamill Haircuts which is a quite carefree and sophisticated hairstyle for women. She … Read more