Transparent lace wig – The optimal choice for a seamless look – Anwig Human Hair Lace Wigs how to pluck a wig

You may have heard from some hair suppliers that they use transparent lace to design their lace wig. Although a lot of customers choose transparent lace wig to change their appearance, they hardly know much about it. What is a transparent lace wig? What do you know about undetectable lace wig? Just keep reading, we … Read more

The Difference Between Transparent Lace with Regular Lace? – Anwig Beauty Hair

As we know, lace frontal wig is very popular for women. As time goes by, LACE products have been updated. The medium brown Swiss lace is the first lace material,which is widely used. However, since the emergence of transparent lace, transparent lace front wig is more acceptable and far outsells than medium brown lace wig. … Read more