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Things You Should Avoid When Wearing Human Hair Lace Wigs


New Human Hair Wigs are fresh out the pack in soft, flexible, beautiful condition. The strands slip between your fingers like silk, reflecting light with a shine and sheen that just begs to be showed off. But some factors like your environment and care choices can make your gorgeous WoWEbony wigs fall short of their initial beauty. So how do you know what’s ruining your cuticles, and what do you do? Read on!

#1: Pollution

Nothing smothers your hair faster than smog, car exhaust, and even cigarette smoke. Smoky air contains particles that coat the strands of your hair pieces and dull both the color and shine of the hair. Worse, in different kinds of smoke and fumes, these particles are mostly bits of dangerous and drying substances like tar, ash, coal, and acids.

Your best bet is to stop smoking if you haven’t yet, and to rinse or wash your hair a bit more often – up to one to two times a week

#2: Under-Washing

Trying to keep your new hairstyle intact as long as possible only makes sense. But leaving a hairstyle as-is for too long and not washing your locks is a huge mistake! Dirty hair looks and smells bad, as products, dirt, and everything else that touches your hair builds up, leading to dull, lifeless strands that are more prone to breakage. Yes, dirty hair is more fragile than clean hair, and this is especially true of human hair lace wigs. Water always has been and always will be hair’s best natural moisturizer, and dirt simply blocks moisture from reaching the cuticle. So try to wash or rinse your locks at least once a week. They’ll thank you with super movement and shine.

#3: Harsh, Drying Products

You’ve read it here a million times before, but shampoos, conditioners, sprays, and gels heavy on alcohol, mineral oil, sulfates, and phosphates simply strip the natural oils and moisture from hair. Overly-harsh chemicals can destroy the cuticle of your Indian hair, leaving it no stronger or more beautiful than the average chain-store hair extensions. Try gentle, sulfate- and phosphate-free cleansers like diluted castile soap or a baking-soda solution, and check product labels for safe-yet-effective ingredients.

#4: Improper Handling

WoWEbony hair has smooth, uninterrupted, unidirectional cuticle that gives you such a glossy, frizz-free profile. But improper handling – using the wrong tools and techniques to style and care for your hair– snatches and tears at this perfect cuticle, pulling the layers apart and ruining your virgin weave. Make sure that you always use a gentle touch, as well as combs and brushes with appropriately wide teeth, and try to leave the heat styling to pros with tools that heat to just the right temperature. Also only use bobby pins when absolutely necessary, and never use hair pins that have lost their rubber tips (these poke through and break hair faster than scissors!).

The good news, of course, is that human hair strands on lace wigs have already finished growing, so factors like nutrition, hydrating your body, and overall health have nothing to do with keeping them soft and lovely. So you should be fine if you can manage to keep your hair pieces away from above things!

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