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The popularity of lace wigs explodes everywhere, from celebrities to full time moms, lace wigs are must-have fashion and daily life needs. Thanks to the advances in materials and technology almost every woman everywhere can afford WoWEbony lace wig in ways only dreamed of before. If you’re interested in rocking a WoWebony lace wig but unsure what you must do or how to proceed, here follow our lace wigs tutorial videos, there are a lot of detailed and helpful step by step videos to get you started.

And do plz read the following tips:


Do some research!

Do some research online or ask your hairstylist for advice on what hairstyle and hair color flatters your face shape and personality the most. You may like the short cut on Keri Hilson or adore the full-banged bob on Nicki Minaj, but they may not suit you well at all. Also do some research to find a trustable company like WoWEbony to shop with!



Try the Wig On Before Deciding to Keep and Customize It

DO try on the unit right upon you receiving your wig. ! Not every hair company has a flexible return policy like ours. You’re able to try on the unit and return it as long as the unit has not been altered or damaged. Make sure you are working with a reputable hair company!


A natural-looking hairline is an absolute MUST

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While you’re trying on wigs, DO make sure the hairline and way the hair “sits” look natural. Even lace-front wigs can look more like a hat than your hair, if the hairline does not blend naturally and the hair is to thick or straight for your face and head. Do choose wigs with statements said Pre-plucked and also pre-bleach knots service are available for natural color hair units on


Don’t Cheat Yourself with a Low Quality Wig

DON’T cheat yourself by opting for a cheap wig that won’t suit your needs or last very long. Real human hair lace wigs are the best for replicating the look, movement, and feel of “real” hair…because they are real! Human-hair lace wigs can be pinned up, flipped, curled, and even dyed(natural color or blonde color, #1 jet black or #1b are not able to be colored again as they are dyed during processing).


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