Tips For Finding Natural Looking Wigs

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More Popular wigs 02

Achieving a natural look is important for most wig-wearers, The tricky part? Wigs range wildly in both quality and price, rendering the search rather daunting for the uninitiated. Add words like monofilament, lace front, glue, full lace, and hand-tied to the mix, and someone who doesn’t know much about wigs may just, well, wig out.

what kind of wigs looks most natural?

looking natural straight wigs 02
looking natural straight wigs 02

For the most natural looking wigs, opt for one made of human hair.

Although synthetic wigs have come leaps and bounds in terms of quality and looking natural, nothing beats the natural look of human hair wigs. These wigs can be styled just like hair can be, and the wigs themselves look extremely authentic and most natural looking wigs.

Although a human hair wig can cost you a little more than a synthetic one, they are the best natural hair wigs on the market. At ANWIG Hair Wigs, our natural human hair wigs are all of fantastic quality and created with a stylish look in mind!

It should also be full lace or lace front.

The hairline is a big indicator of natural hair, and lace-front wigs are great at emanating this look. The lace front acts as a natural-looking hairline and is undetectable, helping wearers to achieve a lovely natural look!

How to choose a wig style to make you look natural?

loooking natural straight wig 01
looking natural straight wig 01

Consider Face Shape

taking your face shape into account is extremely important. We definitely advise that you visit our guide on how to choose a wig style to flatter your face, but to summarise its pointers:

  • Oval face shapes are best suited to wig styles that sit away from your face.
  • Square face shapes can be complemented with a wig that possesses height to narrow the sides and lengthen the face.
  • Wigs with side partings are often the most flattering and natural-looking wigs for round faces, and it’s best to avoid blunt cuts.
  • If you have a heart-shaped face, fringes, layers, and bobs that frame the face are well-suited.

Look Out For Root Colours

Wigs with root colors are among the most natural looking wigs. The root colors allude to natural hair growth from the scalp, and this can often look a lot more natural than wigs that are the same color from top to bottom. Many of our wigs feature this coloring, so keep an eye out! Look Out For Root Colours.

Cap Construction

Many mistakenly think that the method of cap construction is inconsequential because the cap sits against the head on the inside of the wig and is not clearly visible. However, the construction of the cap is actually a highly important factor when choosing a natural-looking wig. A poorly constructed wig or one with a less favorable construction method will end up looking like a wig despite its proper style and sizing. On the other hand, a good-quality, well-constructed wig often looks like a full head of natural hair. The cap construction method also impacts the user’s ability to style the wig.

The most important wig tips are not about what brand to buy or what style to wear.  You will get the best and most natural results when you focus on how you are wearing your wig and what features you don’t skimp on! See all you need to know (above) to take it up a notch and make your wig look flawless:


Determining the correct wig size is essential when purchasing a natural-looking wig. Often, a hairpiece that is too big clearly looks like a wig, and the wearer may even worry about its slipping off because of its looseness. Similarly, a wig that is too small looks just as fake as a large one. They are also uncomfortably tight and can cause sore spots from their restrictive fit.

Size of WigInches Around the HairlineInches from Front Hairline to Base of HeadInches from
Ear to Ear
Mini Petite (MP)20 3/412 3/412 3/4
Petite (P)2113 1/413
Average (A)21 1/214 1/413 1/2
Large (L)2315 1/414
Extra Large (XL)23 3/416 1/414 1/2

To select the correct size, users should measure around their heads from their hairline at the forehead, behind the ears, and around the nape of the neck. They should then measure from the hairline, over the top of the head, to the base of the head at the back. The third measurement that needs to be taken is from ear to ear, over the top of the head. Using these three measurements and the table below will allow users to select the most appropriate wig size. Because not everyone fits into the same pigeon holes when it comes to sizing, some individuals may not find a size that perfectly matches all three of their measurements. In this case, the user should select the wig size that fits the largest measurement.

Where to choose a high Quality wigs?

There are many different wig brands on the market, but it’s important for you to be sure that you are investing in a high-quality wig. Buying Natural-Looking Wigs on ANWIG, We only add the highest quality and best-looking wigs to our collection, so you can feel reassured that our large selection of wigs is a good investment.

ANWIG has a wide range of natural-looking wigs available in an impressive array of colors, styles, sizes, and cap types. Wigs can be found by navigating from Topme’s home page; you can start by clicking on Synthetic Wigs or Human Hair Wigs to view the full lines of both fiber types.


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