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Tomboy hairstyles which come in different styles make you unique and speak of your personality. In this article, you will get some of the best short haircuts which are all pleasant, breathtaking, and perfect for all kinds of people.


There’s no denying the fact that a bowl cut was one of the trendiest looks in recent seasons, especially when juxtaposed with graphic accessories. We can say that this multi-length style is an excellent example of a modern take on a throwback trend. Moreover, we love how this cut looks on thick strands as the contrast between the lengths of the look really stands out.

Bowl CutBowl Cut
Bowl Cut

Shaved Sides Pixie Cut

It is obvious that this hairstyle brings a perfect pixie haircut and a blend of shaved sides. Do you agree with me that pixie haircuts are becoming increasingly famous among women?

Besides, this hairstyle is edgy, full of a carefree attitude, and it is very casual and perfect for all the casual events you take part in. Furthermore, the sides and the back of the head are shaved.

With this tomboy hairstyle, the hair is brushed going forward and the hair at the front is combed outward. In this instance, the hair at the top of the head is longer than at the back. Therefore, you can also dye the color using lighter shades to makes things interesting.

Shaved Sides PixieShaved Sides Pixie
Shaved Sides Pixie

Short Hairstyle with Bangs

It is clear that this hairstyle is chic, gorgeous, and perfect for round faces. The length of the pixie cut is perfect because the hair at the top of the head is longer than the rest.

When you see the images below, it forms perfect bangs and they fall wonderfully over your forehead and to the side. As you can see, the length almost covers the eye and this makes the haircut look very sexy.

Short Hairstyle With BangsShort Hairstyle With Bangs
Short Hairstyle With Bangs

Tomboy Messy Hairstyle

This dark brown tomboy haircut is bold, beautiful and it has a professional look to it and it will work for all functions. This hairstyle will help you portray your deep and dark personality excellently.

In some cases, a messy look gives you a perfect vibe of a carefree spirit and an easy-going person.

The trick here is that you should has thick hair and you can also include some highlights to make it more interesting. In this instance, caramel highlights can go a long way because it is attractive how the hair falls on the side.

Tomboy Messy HairstyleTomboy Messy Hairstyle
Tomboy Messy Hairstyle

Tomboy Pompadour Hairstyle

The pompadour attracts people’s attention very easily and quickly because it is unique and interesting. When you see it, you will think it is a hairstyle that has been invented a few years back.

The hairstyle with the short sides and back are what give the look a masculine touch.

As you have noticed, the pomp at the top of the head is exquisite and gorgeous. If you want to be a spotlight, the dark roots and blonde highlights are a perfect combination.

However, this hairstyle is fun and needs a little styling to maintain the chic look.

Tomboy Pompadour HairstyleTomboy Pompadour Hairstyle
Tomboy Pompadour Hairstyle

Slick Back Tomboy Hairstyle

Slicking back your hair results in a neat and collected look that will help you portray a nicely put-together character so that this is the recommended hairstyle Luxshine needs to show you.

As you know, the hair at the sides, as well as the hair at the back of the head, is shorter as compared to that on top of the head.

Do you think that the hairstyle is elegant and amazing? The good news for you is that you can wear this hairdo for all kinds of occasions because it is very flexible.

Especially, it’s a perfect tomboy short hairstyle for those who don’t want hair on their face.

Slick Back Tomboy HairstyleSlick Back Tomboy Hairstyle
Slick Back Tomboy Hairstyle

Silver Short Hairstyle

It is undeniable that this hairstyle is simple, easy to maintain, straight, and elegant. Moreover, it has a perfect shine to it that makes it attractive and flawless.

It is important to play around with color and we make sure that silver color is a winner. If you have a rectangular face, this hairstyle is for you!

You have to use a brush to comb the hair on the sides and back and over the hair at the top of the head.

Silver Tomboy HairstyleSilver Tomboy Hairstyle
Silver Tomboy Hairstyle

Round Bowl Haircut

This bowl haircut is interesting which causes you to stand out from everyone else. Because this look is neat and perfectly slicked on all sides, it looks so nice.

The fringe accentuates the shape of your face which will not make you worry about hair irritating your neck.

Round Bowl Tomboy HaircutRound Bowl Tomboy Haircut
Round Bowl Tomboy Haircut

Funky Tomboy Hairstyle

This funky tomboy haircut will be perfect for casual and fun events because it shows a carefree spirit that is adventurous and easy.

The length of the hair is perfect for achieving and it looks like a spiky look.

Your hair needs to be dense and with great volume if you want to get this perfect hairstyle. The reason why is that hair thickness will greatly contribute to beauty and charm.

Moreover, you can create many other looks basing on how you will style the hair in the morning.

Funky Tomboy HairstyleFunky Tomboy Hairstyle
Funky Tomboy Hairstyle

Blonde Tomboy Hairstyle

It’s a perfect haircut for a person who’s deeper in touch with your masculine side. Get this look with a messy touch here and we can say that it looks so interesting.

Blonde Tomboy Hairstyle (2)Blonde Tomboy Hairstyle (2)
Blonde Tomboy Hairstyle (2)

Curly Tomboy Hairstyle

This curly hairstyle is a tomboy haircut but very chic, sexy, gorgeous, elegant and style.

With this hairstyle, one thing you have to remember is to curl the hair at the top of the head with a curling iron. Sprays your hair and it will be perfect for all occasions.

Curly Tomboy Hairstyle Curly Tomboy Hairstyle
Curly Tomboy Hairstyle

Side Fringe Tomboy Haircut

This hairstyle, which is a winning hairdo for all kinds of functions, is simple but exquisite and elegant. Let’s take a look at the below pic and we can see the side fringe is lovely and falls excellently on Anne Hathaway’s forehead.

The trick here is that the brown hair accentuates the beauty of the brown eyes. However, this hairstyle also works with different hair colors.

Side Fringe Tomboy HaircutSide Fringe Tomboy Haircut
Side Fringe Tomboy Haircut

Long Undercut

Afterward, the long undercut with the edgy spin of adding highlights to the hair is the trend of the season. It is believed that this looks fun and classy at the same time. If you like a street-style hairstyle, take a look at the below photo.

Long UndercutLong Undercut
Long Undercut

Hope 13 Luxshine’s tomboy hairstyles give you a wide range of choices. We make sure that you will find something perfect for yourself! Leave a comment below if you agree with us!

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