Top 5 Reasons Why Silk Top Lace Wigs Is The Best To Go For

Top 5 Reasons Why Silk Top Lace Wigs Is The Best To Go For

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Every woman understands that when she chooses to wear weaves or wigs, she has one aim in mind: to look as natural as possible. It’s no surprise that the hair industry is becoming more adaptable and attempting to replicate a woman’s natural hair. Wigs and other types of extensions are commonly used by women today to protect their natural hair. Nowadays, there are numerous online stores that offer high-quality lace wigs as well as comprehensive information about them. You can refer to this article below for a deeper understanding of why silk top lace wigs are so spectacular than other products.

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What is a silk top full lace wig?

The silk top full lace wig is a type of full lace wig but it uses a silk base (one layer of lace below, one layer of silk above) in the parting part. Which makes the scalp look more realistic.

What is silk top?

You might not know, the silk top is also known as the silk base. The base is made up of two unique lace pieces (one on top and one on bottom). The knots are hidden behind the silk between the layers when the hair is knotted. Therefore, the hair is injected through the silk material, keeping the knots completely undetectable. It creates the impression that the hair is rising out of your head. It is incredible, isn’t it?

silk top lace wigs LEWIGS
silk top lace wigs

What are knots?

When we talk about knots on a wig, we’re talking about where the hair strands are held with small knots after they’ve been sewed into the wig base. A knot is a way where every strand of hair on a lace or silk wig is attached. The knot is very important because it keeps the hair in place. It’s the one that decides whether or not your hair will stay put or fall out. It can be said, this is a meticulous and time-consuming process, if you did it incorrectly, it could potentially harm your wig. 

What makes silk top lace wigs so special?

Silk top lace wigs, as the name implies, is lace with a silk base, similar in color to the scalp, and double silk net. With the rise in wig demand, more women want to save time and money while also wanting wigs that are more natural and comfortable. Silk top lace wigs are created in response to wig wearers’ requests!

We have transparent color, light brown, medium brown, and so on for common lace, which is made to match the color of the user’s skin but does not always match perfectly and must be bleached in most cases. However,  silk top lace wigs are very close to the color of the scalp, through which the skin can be seen directly as a shadow. It looks more natural than regular lace. 

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How much does silk top lace wigs cost?

Which wig you should choose is determined by your demands and desired hairdo. It also relies on your financial situation. Because silk top lace wigs are totally handcrafted, they will be the most expensive of the three and also depending on length, style, and color. But trust us, you get what you pay for! It is a wise investment for your hair.

Top 5 Reasons Why Silk Top Lace Wigs Is The Best To Go For
silk top wig vs normal lace wig

Things to keep in mind to buy the best natural silk top lace wigs

After reading all the information about silk top lace wigs, how do you feel? Do you want to buy one for yourself immediately? If you have that intent, Anwig is perfect here for you. These tips will be listed below:

Choose the style

First and foremost, let’s consider hairstyle. When choosing a wig, you must first decide on the look you want to achieve. You might want to choose a wig style that matches your own hairstyle. In any case, picking on the color and cut will help you get started on your shopping adventure!

Construction of a wig cap 

After considering style, you need to think about the construction and the size of a wig cap. It is best when it fits your head to guarantee you can feel the best as comfortable as possible. You can feel free to style the wig in the way that best matches your desire and appearance.

Top 5 Reasons Why Silk Top Lace Wigs Is The Best To Go For
silk top wigs at Anwig

Complete hair loss

Be careful when choosing a silk top full lace wigs while you’re suffering hair loss. The wigs need to be stable and look good all day long as well as maintain the comfy for the wearer. You should choose the wig with a non-slip poly strip which is put at the front of the wigs. It will reduce the clutter and hair loss from having to go back and forth.

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  • 24" Full Lace Wig Curly Human Hair With HD Lace - Anwig
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Where to buy the best silk top full lace wigs

It is not too difficult to find a place for you to buy a silk top full lace wigs. There are a lot of online stores where you can find this product with a click. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find a store that gives you satisfactory quality products at reasonable prices. But don’t be too worried, that’s why Anwig is here for you.

Welcome to our online website:, where we will provide you with the best silk top lace wigs. You can choose any product you want, and if you have any questions, please contact us right away via phone number: (+84) 98 261 44 86. We will help you solve your problems as soon as we receive your messages. Your happy shopping experience will be our highest service tenet.

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