What’s your fav summer hairstyle? Try this top know bun on short natural hair for a quick and easy protective hairstyle. If your hair is not long and fuller enough, then use some anwig clip ins to achieve the same look.

Step 1: Prepare your natural hair for this hairstyle.

Fully stretch your natural hair first. Flat twisted your natural hair and use your wig cap to stretch your hair overnight.

It’s easier to do a top knot bun on second or third day hair rather than clean hair.
If you have curly or textured hair, begin by blow drying your hair straight. This way, you’ll have a smooth, neat ponytail.
If you have frizzy hair, add a small amount of gel or serum around your hairline before brushing the hair into a ponytail. Doing so will ensure your ponytail is sleek.

Step 2: Take out your flat twists and make sure your hair is detangled and not messed up.

In order to make they move easier for this style.Take the hair of your ponytail and divide it into two equal sized sections. Add a small amount of mousse or styling cream to each section to make the hair extra smooth.

Step 3: Put your hair into a top bun and use your brush to put everything in place and make sure it is as smooth as possible.

Take one section of hair in each hand and twist them together all the way down to make them into one piece. Twisting your hair like this will make your top knot even more smooth and prevents flyaways.
This method is done most easily with longer hair.

Step 4: Clip your clip ins around your top bun and make sure that as secure as possible.

And Adding more clip ins for more fullness. Once you finish wrapping use several bobby pins the same color as your hair to pin the top knot in place, both at the top and bottom of the bun. Spray with hairspray to give the style extra hold.

deep wave front lace wigs
deep wave front lace wigs

Step 5: Two stands twisted your ponytail.

Don’t be too tight, so they will be bigger and puffier.

After backcombing your hair, take the comb and lightly brush the very top layer of hair in the ponytail, brushing from the base of the ponytail down to the tips of the hair.

  • Comb very gently with a brush rather than a comb, which will be easier to work with on backcombed hair.
  • Smoothing this very top layer of the ponytail will keep the top knot looking smooth, even if the hair in the center of the top knot is full and textured.

Step 6: Rounding your ponytail around your top bun to make the bun. And secure it using bobby pins.

ake the hair of your ponytail and wrap it clockwise around the base of the ponytail. When you reach the tips of your hair, tuck the hair underneath the hair tie.

top knot on natural hair
top knot on natural hair

Step 7: Using ECO style gel to slick down your edges

After you twist your hair into the top knot, pin your hair in place with several bobby pins. Use your fingers to pull the bun out if you wish to give it more volume and then spray lightly with hairspray to give it better hold.

Pull back your hair into a high ponytail. If it helps, you can brush your hair back so that your hair is smooth and bump-free.[1]
Remove all tangles from your hair with a brush before styling.
If you have unruly hair, start with a blow out to create a smooth ponytail.

After you have wrapped the hair around until you reach the tips, or have made a small loop if you have short hair, use a hair tie to secure the bun. If you want a fuller looking top knot, pull the bun gently with your fingers to make it bigger.

knot bun hairstyle

natural hair top knot bun

top knot bun black hair

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