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What’s our topic for today? Well, a very new thing is waiting for you in the next few minutes. It’s neither our hair product nor hot news of celebs. APOHAIR shares right now our story in the journey of looking for the best features to become a good wholesale human hair wig supplier.


  • Our story
  • Quality is the top concern
  • Reasonable prices
  • Make a long-term relationship with customers
  • Super-fast delivery
  • Flexible payment methods

Our story

In the early 1990s, the hair industry emerged in many provinces of Vietnam. Integrating with the development of the hair market at that time, we began to build a hair factory on a small scale. At that moment, the factory just operated as a trade village, with a relatively small scale, only about 20 workers.

In the early days of development, we faced a lot of difficulties. Almost all stages of hairdressing, treatment and styling hair are hand-made. The skillful hands of just over 20 workers at that time helped the company stand firm and develop until today.

In early 2005, our small factory recorded a milestone when we first exported our hair to the international market. It is an opportunity but also a great challenge even though we have many years of experience with the domestic hair industry.

APO factoryAPO factory

Although there are thousands of hair brands in the international market, not all of them choose human hair as the key material in their production. A lot of hair exporters produce and supply different types of synthetic hair extensions. That has made us more and more outstanding in the hair market. The important and also decisive factor that helps us gain the trust and favor of our customers is the origin of hair products. All the products we create are made from 100% real human hair without chemicals or synthetic fibers. Any customer who loves using hair products from human hair is so satisfied with our hair items.

On 10th, September, 2011, APO Import Export Joint Stock Company was officially established. This is an extremely important historical milestone, marking the birth of the company after many efforts, difficulties and challenges for more than 20 years. At the same time, we started expanding our market to European countries and gained significant achievements.

wig supplier sales teamwig supplier sales team

For 3 consecutive years of 2013, 2014 and 2015, APOHAIR developed an online sales team with the goal of expanding the market. By 2020, we are honored to have become a reliable companion of customers from more than 120 countries and territories worldwide.

Quality is the top concern

types of wigtypes of wig

Who doesn’t want to get the best quality for the product they purchase. APOHAIR deeply understands this. We assure you that our hair is always in the best condition before shipment. Wig products are from 100% Vietnamese human virgin hair. We mix no chemical or synthetic hair in any step of production.

You can buy lace front wig or bundles deals to make wig on your own. If can search for the basic wig making tutorial from bundle deals and do it yourself. The hair is soft, smooth with healthy ends. Believe us, you are going to have the most natural hairstyle when using our human hair wig.

As a leading wig supplier, we focus much on quality control. The quality control department strictly tests final products through different inspection stages including PH test, elasticity test, color test, sewing & hooking quality test. We ensure all products are in the best quality before shipment.

Final products are meticulously and carefully packed, stored in a dry, cool & clean environment. We try to keep the best status for all lace front wig products before shipping them to customers.

black hairblack hair

Reasonable prices

When buying a new wig from a wholesaler, customers tend to look for the quality of the wig and also whether the product would suit their hair color or hair texture. For this, they will compare different hair wigs to come up with the optimal decision. However, price is also an important factor affecting the customer’s decision.

APOHAIR is a human hair wig supplier. We are providing high-quality wigs to customers in more than 120 countries around the world. And you know, good quality products have their corresponding prices. Although our wigs are more expensive than other synthetic wigs, we have tried to sell the hair at the most reasonable prices.

APO wig supplierAPO wig supplier

There are a lot of promotion programs for the products. The more quantity you buy, the lower price you get. You can completely buy our hair at wholesale prices, which is a good way to save money.

Make a long-term relationship with customers

APOHAIR thanks all beloved customers for your choice and trust in our wig products. We pay a lot of attention to after-sale services. Customers are free to express all their feeling, feedbacks to the products they receive. And certainly, APO’s staff is always there to solve any problems.

customer feedback for wig suppliercustomer feedback for wig supplier

If you are a regular wig user, we highly recommend that you should find a wholesaler with whom you can make a long-term relationship. This makes sure that you can get the good quality that you require from the wig supplier.

Super-fast delivery

We have a lot of options for you in terms of shipping methods. Based on your demand or geographical distance, choose the one that is suitable. Your choices are DHL, UPS, EMS, FedEx. Products are available in the stock so all you need to do is just ordering and waiting for your item. In general, you get the products after 3-5 working days since your order. However, different shipping methods have different shipping times.

Flexible payment methods

Bank Transfer, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard are four main payment methods for you to choose. Try to pick up the one which is the most suitable for you. Through these convenient methods, the payment process will be implemented as quickly as possible.

Are you looking for a reliable human hair wig supplier that provides various types of wig and hair extensions? If yes, come with us. APOHAIR is ready to provide customers with the best quality wig products. Just tell us what you want and we are here to support you. Also, do not forget to follow us to get the latest updates about our products and discount programs. Thanks for your attention!

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