Will A Wig Fall Off?

So much has changed now. Most of the myths or misconceptions about wigs existed due to how wigs were made as far back as the 19th century and years before it. At some point when you come in contact with people living with maliaphobia, you’ll hear them ask certain questions like; will my wig fall off with the wind or if I bend over? Aren’t they hot and itchy? Wouldn’t it look fake? What if it slips off my head in public?

This category of people will leave you wondering why they still believe in such misconceptions about wigs even in this 21st century, where you’ll see Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna change their wigs like outfits and have it looking like each unit grows from their scalp.

Baby girl, you need to get your confidence back! All you need is enlightenment.

With the modern methods of wig making, your wigs can’t fall off if you’re rocking your correct size, and you have it secured firmly. You’re absolutely safe because every wig is adjustable and made to make you feel comfortable, elegant and beautiful than ever before. Now, get ready because you’re about to discover the hidden gems that’ll definitely convince you to pick up a lace front and serve natural looks like the queen you’re.
Below are different amazing ways to keep your wigs secured from falling off.

A Wig Grip Band

This method seems to be the most popular way of securing a wig. Easy to use and the best option for ladies with either long or short natural hairs. Wig grips are constructed in such a way that one side which is round the edges grips the skin and hair, while the other part which is the top, holds the wig.
Another good feature of this wig clip is the adjustable straps. You can easily remove at the end of a long day and it won’t rip off your hair, it will also protect you from pains or headaches. Simply secure with hairspray to flatten hairs that might pop up, then gently place your wig and adjust properly for an exquisite and firm final look.

Metal Wig Clips

Once the clips are sewn into the wigs cap, then you’re good to go for life because they’re made to serve you as long as you want and they’re quite inexpensive too. They come in different colors and sizes to match your already styled wig. After the wig has been styled sew in the clips at the top, sides, middle and back, although it depends on the style of your wig. Test run it to ensure you feel comfortable while putting it on.

It is one of the most secure solutions to a sliding wig and it does no damage to it. Some wigs come naturally with clips, and for those without you can easily sew them in.

Wig Tapes

If you’re looking for an extra security solution, wig tape is the go-to method for you. To use this you’ll need a wig cap to wear over your natural hair braids to prevent itches. Clean your forehead’s hairline with cotton and solution to remove sweat or oil, this will allow the tape to stick better. The tape comes in a roll, now you can make use of scissors to cut into pieces and apply along your hairline, some already come in cut pieces though. Peel off the back to reveal the sticky surface, then put on your wig gently and adjust to your desired style before pressing down with your fingertips.

It holds your wig for as long as you want and you need to be extremely careful while using this to avoid it coming in contact with your skin or hair. You can easily take the wig off after a long day with an adhesive remover that you’ll rub gently. Easy right?

Using Bobby Pins

A great choice for added security and mostly suitable for ladies with a significant amount of hair. If your wigs have no clips, this can serve. You just simply have to lift up some of your hair and stick the Bobby pins to your braids and cap. Making use of pins that are of the same color as your hair is quite necessary. You can also pin around your hair temples.

They’re cheap and can be purchased in a pack at a store, the pins are good for all hair types and it will make you feel absolutely comfortable without fear of a falling wig in public.

Wig Caps

This is a widespread method of preventing your wigs from falling off. A perfect choice for any hair type; long, short or even bald. Purchase a wig cap that matches your hair scalp, then if you can’t find it, opt for a lighter one. This is just the best because the security and look is great. We have the nylon wig caps- suitable for shorter hair, mesh wig caps- for longer hairs, and wig grip caps- for sensitive skin.

Simply wear it over your scalp for a smooth surface and firm grip, then place the wig on the cap and style properly. It will keep your hair from slipping around and it’s perfect for sleeping in and around the house.


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